Get Ready For Cardano Bull Run in 2018?

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Cardano has the respect and the credibility in the Cryptocurrency Market, without even delivering any real substance, what will happen when they do start delivering? Keep your eye on this project moving through 2018.

Get Ready For Cardano Bull Run in 2018?

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  1. Fun fact for you in case you don’t know ADA is in memory of Ada Lovelace who was the first female programmer….and Cardano is named after the mathematician, writer and mad man Gerolamo Cardano from the 15th century

  2. Cardano and rule them all in 2018..always believed in the cardano project that i took out a $10000 credit and bought a ton of it @ $0.02. Now it’s worth $0.77. I’m holding until the end of the year and hopefully a retirement party😀🚀🌙

  3. Connor Hughes Oh, so I have to buy Bitcoins from that site and turn them to cardano.
    Can I buy from that site with a credit card?
    Can I do it from my phone?

    And can you please tell me if I need to open another wallet with them?

    I’m try to buy from coinbase and I have a wallet in there, but they don’t have cardano.
    Can I buy Bitcoin from coinbase and then from there by cardano from that site that you gave me?

    Thanks for the help, I am new to all this.

    I am looking to invest $1,000 for starters, do you have any recommendations how should I split my money?
    I was looking to buy to litecoins and the rest on cardano.

  4. Crylorz I know that, if there was a guarantee we would all be filthy rich. I had a feeling that obviously wasn’t correct. I’ll make it back. We are all so lucky to be alive at this time because crypto is still so early and not that many people involved yet so we should all get rich within the next 2-3 ਸਾਲ. My goal is to make enough in the next 3 years to be able to do what I want. Good luck to you bro

  5. Jason Jackson Sorry i didnt see your reply until now! Thanks man,yes actually thats crazy that you mentioned Tron because i just invested in it 2 days ago,its only the 3rd altcoin I’ve purchased but i see that they have big ambitions and have a great team especially the leader who has proven success in his past business. TRON is rocking,I wish i bought alot more! 🙁 The whole market is going crazy right now and it shattered the market cap! I’m wondering if were due for a crash/re-adjustment with all this growth? I want more buying opportunities and i kinda want tron to go back down so i can solidify my position. I know its a great investment even at this price but i would rather buy much more shares if we get a dip! I’m fomoing too hard right now,i have to control myself lol! But thanks for the advice,I really wish i had 11k tron like you lol,congrats! Have you looked into DENT? Im lightly invested in them and i really want to buy alot more soon,alot of coins are going pretty nuts right now making it,alot harder to find good buying opportunities. 🙁
    But yes,maybe in a few months to a year tron will truly soar so i better buy some and just HODL when i can.. If you don’t mind telling me,what else are you vested in btw?

  6. Jason Jackson I was definitely looking buying some Electroneum soon,I was wondering why its not moving much but i know its definitely a coin that has potential and maybe will take off like crazy when they get that mobile miner and other features up and running! Damn.. i really wish i would of come into the market like a month ago,that seemed like prime time,so many great altcoins were SO cheap! But i know 2018 is just getting started so i really need to calm TF down and not panic because there are so many opportunities this year! I’ll have to look into ember,sounds promising,but weren’t those huge gains on embercoin due to a glitch or was that just a rumor? I thought it just seemed like a pump and dump coin but i didn’t really look into it for myself! How about redcoin,don’t you think the fact that its going to be connected to so many social media platforms makes it a coin with huge potential since its looks like it will really be utilized and become mainstream ? Thanks for the advice!

  7. OTT2OWN I wouldn’t read too much into why coins arnt moving. That’s where people mess up, taking certain coins for granted. Believe it or not a lot of people did that same thing to cardano, I remember when people on reddit were calling cardano a shitcoin. So please don’t let ETN keep you from buying just because it’s not moving. I didn’t really care for reddcoin because there is just better comp out there. What you heard about EMB was just a rumor, it’s actually in its infant stage and you can buy millions now for cheap because they cost like half a penny lol. I currently hold 12M (That’s right, 12 ਲੱਖ) EMB coins. The EMB community is preparing for the new coin swap in a month or two. They will also burn old coins(EMB) to lower the supply making the new coins(EMB/CHARTIS) rise at launch. Millionaires in the making with EMB. everyone is waiting for the ratio and swap/burn announcement now. I hope the ratio isn’t high, I’m hoping to atleast get 50k new coins for my 12M ember.


    Also explore the rest of the market cap for cheap coins and research them. I was just exploring into the 300’s of the marketcap just got finished reading up on a coin called MEDIBLOC. I’ve made over 30k in two months because this is all I do besides work my 9-5 job. Even at work when I have down time, instead of chillin and goofing around with my buds i go sit down and explore the market cap. It might seem like a bore but that 30k and counting is looking good. Don’t just listen to all the rumors. Get a little routine down kinda like what I do. That’s the only way you are going to find those 2-3cent gems before they take off. ਯਾਦ ਰੱਖਣਾ, I wouldn’t have found cardano if I wasn’t exploring

  8. Jason Jackson Yes i know exactly what you mean,people who are impatient and a bit naive might only pay attention to the coins that are moving high on any given week/day and won’t even pay attention and do their own research on the tech and utility of a certain coin,they just buy purely into the hype.. Though im but a mere,humble,wide eyed hopeful crypto noob,even I know alot of these companies/coins won’t make it for the long haul,hell alot are likely scams.. Like the dot com bubble eventually alot of these companies without a solid foundation to stand on will come crashing down one day but the ones with solid tech/utility and a dedicated and talented team will be the ones left standing ex:(Cardano,Tron,ਮਾੜਾ) imo also (DENT,Funfair) and I’m sure there’s many more we can find and be as early to the party as possible! If we can somehow manage to find these gems and invest early on and not just sell when they dip,but fortify our positions why everyone else is panic selling,we will not only reap HUGE return on investments,but we will have awall of protectionthat these other people who invested in hype coins just don’t have.. I know better than to count a coin out just because its flat for a while,look at Cardano and ripple! I think some of the best coins might be flat because they are taking the necessary time to lay their solid foundations but then all of a sudden all the pieces come together and work as one and start powering up,just like building a computer and turning it on for the firsr time!
    But anyway I will definitely look into embercoin because i really believe you know your stuff and are sincerely trying to help a hopeful noob like me out. i do want to understand the technology and utility of embercoin myself,must look into it asap! Thank you very much for taking all this time to give me some pointers,the main thing i need to do other than my research is to get more vested in the market soon ,as i only currently have only a humble $600 invested! 🙁
    Im starting slow to get a ferl because I know its usually best not to rush into something but it is SO hard to be calm and collective when u see so many golden opportunities pass by so frequently.. But I’m getting ahead of myself again,i know my time will come,I’m not expecting to get rich overnight,thats how you can lose big time. 2018 is going to be like a plethora of opportunities for anyone who is bold enough to grasp them! Thanks again man,i appreciate your advice and kindness so much! I will definitely look out for you in the comments and we will talk again sometime.Good luck on your investments my friend! Maybe we can add eachother on social media somewhere? ਟਵਿੱਟਰ,ਫੇਸਬੁੱਕ? Or just keep in touch here in the comments section sometime. I’m usually to myself so you don’t have to worry about me bugging you that much at all i promise! I just have a good feeling that you are a kind person and also will eventually help me realize some of my goals in all of this so i can’t help but want to get your point of view from time to time! Take it easy bud! Keep Calm and HODL on! 🙂

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