Genesis Vision / GVT ReviewThe Future Of Blockchain Finance

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Genesis Vision is using the Ethereum blockchain to bring us new ways to transparently invest.

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Genesis Vision / GVT ReviewThe Future Of Blockchain Finance

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  1. Hey what’s up Lark! I really don’t know many people that take the time you do to educate us on some of these cryptos, your very transparent and I appreciate your honesty good or bad. You and one other you tuber are literally the first two people I look for as far as their opinions on ico’s and cryptos in general. I have a question and please excuse me I’m not trying to change the topic of your current video but I was wondering if you did a video on Gladius? I’m VERY on the fence with it. I like it but it seems that it’s a very long project and it may be a year or better before you would see a decent return on it, I looked at the white paper and I’m not even sure when they plan on going to exchanges. I’d really like to hear your opinion on it. Keep up the great work, we all really appreciate it.

  2. Hey Garry, haven’t had a chance to look into it yet, but I have heard there is a bit of hype around it. Many of these projects are long term holds. Exchange announcements are usually very vague for any currency.

  3. Its real simple, you can invest in traders who are crushing it and have the same ROI as them by giving them your money minus a fee and your money will be put to work by these traders in an open and transparent way whereby the investor cannot be scammed. Now cryptotraders can trade with bigger funds and investors can have same ROI as these traders. Its a win win win! Execution is everything! but i love this idea! To hell with these private funds you cant join or arent accountable. PLus a lil kid might have better results trading crypto than some old banker who relies on his dino reputation. The token is needed to fuel the network and used to buy in with these traders. You will have increasing scarcity of the token plus you buy in with these traders that are doing well.

  4. i wish that i could know about this coin earlier. I bought this 32coins today and the current price is 30 dollar per coinbut as you said, the current market cap still low compare to the supply. so this coin has a much higher chance to change of price to the moon.

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