Friday News RoundupLisk, Waves, Vertcoin, Bitquence, Qtum, NEO

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All the hottest news from the hottest coinsHOT UPDATE !!! VERTCOIN TOR WALLET RELEASED!!!

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Friday News RoundupLisk, Waves, Vertcoin, Bitquence, Qtum, NEO

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  1. Shingo communicates with us all in the telegram group on a daily basis, and people have brought attention to you reaching out to him…. Love your work manI reckon you have a high chance of getting him to talk to you, cos he already said he would be up for speaking to anyone about bitquence. Pop into the telegram group manthe community they have built is incredible

  2. VERT will goto $50-$100 ਵਿਚ 2018. It will give LTC a run for the money. LTC has fallen recently because most of LTC buying power came from China. Vert’s user base will expand 10-100 times when ETH change to POS later this year, all the GPU miners will have to mine LTC and VERT. VERT has everything lineup to join the Billion dollar club.

  3. I personally won’t use it, but I definitely invested in it because intuitively you can see the huge value in it when the average Joe comes online and wants to get cyrptos, but doesn’t have a clue how to go about itbitquence will be there to pick up most of the slack.

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