FarmaTrust ICO ReviewBlockchain for the Pharma Supply Chain

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The team at Farmatrust are bringing blockchain solutions to the pharmaceutical industry's supply chain. Supply chain projects have been very popular, how does Farmatrust measure up to the competiton?
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FarmaTrust ICO ReviewBlockchain for the Pharma Supply Chain

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  1. Lark kind a jealous of where you live. All the great shows and movies come from New Zealand Hercules, Xena, Of COurse the LOTR and Hobbit. I will be taking a trip this summer with my wife to NZ to go to the tourist trap of the shire. Long Live the Block Chain Train!

  2. Hello Crypto Lark
    your channel is great for us cryptonerds ; ) . Your way of presenting, explanation is great and very rational. If you will have a time can you please look at Blockport. Idea sounds great, not only to have decentralized exchange, but also act as fiat gateway + 50 and more altcoins and also copytrading, which i personally wouldn’t use, but many people will like eTORO. Currently we have we exchanges like coinbase ,when you want to change your fiat, with extremely high fees and only 4 already expensive coins. I would be extremely grateful if you can look into it and know your opinion on this project.

  3. ਮੇਰੀ ਰਾਏ ਵਿੱਚ, a good project, but its competitors are very strong, it will not be easy to win its place in the market. It is much more profitable to invest in the Tokengo project, where there are practically no competitors.

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