Ethereum Classic VS. Ethereum – Who Will Win?

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What happened and what is the future for ETC?

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Ethereum Classic VS. Ethereum – Who Will Win?

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  1. Good comparison Lark!
    ਮੇਰੀ ਰਾਏ ਵਿੱਚ, even though ETH is a clear winner between the two, if I was investing today, I believe ETC will provide better ROI. The 25x market cap multiple between the two will shrink over the coming months. ETC has an upcoming conference mid november, the hype around that and any announcements will give it a boost, ETC investment trust by Grayscale is also in works, and they are also aiming to be in the Internet of things (IOT) spacethink IOTA. The best indicator of what’s to come (hence my investment in ETC over ETH) is the volumeif you look at coinmarketcap monthly volume for currencies, ETH is at $25B, whereas ETC is at $5B, i.e. 5x multiple, but the price is almost 25x multiple right now (based on market cap).

  2. Gavin wood helped stabilise the ETC geth client. Charles hoskinson an original founder supports it too. ETC will incorporate a treasury system probably based on cardarno which will implement first which will propel it past ethereum foundations insular train of thought. Sorry to sayits early days. All it will take is one person to submit an idea which rockets ETC. There is more money to be made on ETC and money talks. That said pull push notifications on GitHub on ethereum have dropped significantly and ethereum classic has increased. Time will tell.

  3. Guess you haven’t heard of a crypto super super star who was ceo when ethereum classic was just ethereum? ETC is pumping because Mr: Charles Hoskinson still considers etc his baby and because he sometimes mentions etc thats when it pumps. He is now the CEO of the world wide all superstar team @ Cardano/ ADA . iohk and many other related products Fixing scaling issues with eth is like rebuilding a engine with it running.; EOS and ADA will crush eth and SOON

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