EOS an Ethereum Killer? Dawn 3.0 Will Make 2018 A Big Year For EOS

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EOS vs. ETHEREUM? Will EOS take over in 2018? Here's a perspective you may not be getting anywhere else. What is your timeframe for investing in eos? What are some tools you can use to analyze crytpocurrency?

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EOS an Ethereum Killer? Dawn 3.0 Will Make 2018 A Big Year For EOS

48 ਟਿੱਪਣੀ

  1. Thank you soooo much for doing a video on EOS. I’m already invested personally, and will hold for the next 2-10 years depending on overall growth. There is no question it will be at the very least a $1500

  2. Armas Onni. In the crypto sphere, when people sayhypeI see hype as many people sharing their excitement about a thing leading too many other people being excited and sharing their excitement and all getting involved in the same thing without understanding it.

  3. Armas Onni. Investing in a company that hasn’t yet put out the product would be something more like speculation. You’re speculating on the future of the company, that you have hopefully done a great deal of researching into, or in this case, know a great deal about their track record past performance. You see, Dan Larimer who is the head developer of EOS, has created prior to EOS two of the most successfully functioning blockchains in the crypto sphere.

  4. SS. People need to read the white paper and stop listening to other folks. EOS will be an amazingly functioning blockchain just alike Dan larimer’s two other blockchains he created. The erc20 token was used for the purpose of a year-long crowdsale which is different than a ICO. Dan Larimer has stated that the year-long crowd sale was to protect buyers from the whales that jump on ico’s right out of the gate and then dump them once they hit the exchanges leaving the average investor frustrated to say the least. This June marks the end of the crowd sale, those who hold erc20 EOS tokens must register the wallets in which they are held in order to receive equal amounts of EOS coins. In the near future they will also receive an airdrop from everipedia. After much research it is my opinion that the everipedia airdrop won’t be the last.

  5. Steven Pitcher EOS has a higher circulating supply. If EOS reaches ethereum’s marketcap of today then the price would reach 100$. EOS has to reach a marketcap of almost 1 trillion for it to reach 1000$. Total marketcap for all coins at the all time high was 800bn.

  6. David Nguyen I understand that, but what was the maximum market cap the year before last. It’s growing significantly year over year. I’m in this token for the long haul. Not looking to become a millionaire over night, but with the transaction capabilities it may become utilized more than ether. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy even at $25 ਡਾਲਰ, ਅਤੇ $100 would be amazing. I do know that EOS is a long term investment, if you want to earn full potential.

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