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Enigma ICOThe New Data Market Place

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  1. you and bite size are a great guides bite size almost acts like he is neo junkie.
    you seem to be diverse and less biased but he respects you and you him
    you guys have integrity were others drank the Kool-Aid .
    keep it real and I will spread you guys gospel. lol

  2. No word about the token supply cap increase? They increased their supply from 100 ਲੱਖ 150 ਲੱਖ, looks like a plain old cash grab. Also the hack was due to them using the same email and password from a hacked Ashley Madison account. Raises some serious questions about their credibility.

  3. John Warmann Yeah because increasing to 150 ਲੱਖ, which is still low, is the end of the world. Lol. Anyone in crypto is grabbing cash, especially with a large team. End of discussion. Doesn’t change the credibility. Especially considering the team behind it.

  4. Started trading here in April, recently withdrew the first profit in 24 ਘੰਟੇ. HitBTC gets a high score from me and wish not to lose confidence. I’d add that the exchange can be used as a multi-wallet and don’t worry about security, there are advanced protection systems.

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