Does Wall Street Fear Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Market?

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Does Wall Street fear the prospects of the Cryptocurrency Market as the price of Bitcoin continues to drive the market with new investors, it would seem logical to assume that the Cryptocurrency market could be a perceived threat to those who will not choose to move on to the future market cap available to Cryptocurrency.

Does Wall Street Fear Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Market?

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  1. ਜ਼ਰੂਰ. They’d love to keep printing fiat at will, taxing us, and otherwise controlling every aspect of our lives. To include controlling our technology. The cryptomarket allows us to fund those who are truly deserving (directly). Whereas, big brother gets to decide which institutions to fund (with our money) and which innovators to ignore (and occasionally murder).

  2. I turn 50 ਇਸ ਸਾਲ. I am the only person from my high school graduating class (who I know of) who is invested in crypto. When I talk to people my age about Bitcoin and all the alt coins, I either get a blank stare or fear talk. People will fear or hate on things they don’t understand. ਵੀ, I think people my age don’t WANT to learn about the tech behind all this. In order to avoid the learning, people find it easier to badmouth crypto.

  3. I’m telling y’all it’s Wall Street and the futures. They ended down just in time for the first futures contracts to expire and expect it to not start moving up until the next contracts expire around the 26th. Grab what you’re looking at before then on the dip. I figure they’ll go long next time and keep the prices up until the next round of futures are due.

  4. Could it be that big Banks and government are against cryptocurrency because if it does get fully adopted than this fake Economy based on the US dollar that is propped up on debt will come crumbling down and have devastating consequences to America

  5. I bet Jeff is a hit with the ladies. I can picture all of them crying that their coins went down 30% ਪਿਛਲੇ ਵਿੱਚ 45 seconds and he’s all like, “ਗਿਰਾਵਟ ਖਰੀਦਣ. And Hodl. We do not buy at all time highs. This is when we buy. But I mean this isn’t financial advice”.

  6. Exactly. I don’t have anything against Jeff and their team but they’re really not informing their viewers on the manipulation of these contracts. The whole China FUD and regulations will not drop the market cap down significantly. Now is the time to buy because on the 26th we’re going to see prices start to increase. But right now the whales are trying to keep bitcoin below 12k. Investors who keep up with these contracts will know when to get in and when to get out. I don’t believe in the HODL scheme.

  7. ask the subscribers to this channel. i GUARANTEE the vast majority are here because of and to listen to JEFF! that is no disrespect intended to the other content creators of this channel, i’m sure their great. BUT, the fact remains Jeff is the main reason most of us are here. We have become used to his voice, his personality, his perspective, his energy, ਆਦਿ. it is what it is.

  8. I have NO doubt that TPTB are allowing us to build THEIR infrastructure. We are building the Information of Things (IoT) Networks, Networks to keep our ID secure (haha), authenticity networks where EVERYTHING will be tracked and more. Think about it. WE are building THEIR infrastructure that one day will imprison all of humanity.

  9. as of 3:30 pm eastern time, there’s about to be a bounce attempt off EMA 26 line and an attempt by the bulls to break 12800 resistance, bulls have momentum so far, but if they fail, 12800 BTC is resistance and profit taking will occur and we’ll see a slight pull back, the pull back will be a consolidating period….during the pull back we’ll start a red candle stick on the daily chart for BTC in gdax, and IF the red candlesticks for SUNDAY THRU MONDAY END at a HIGHER LOW (higher red candlesticks) then the last big dip red candlestick on the daily chart for BTC in gdax, then we will have officially set and upward trend in motion

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