Digix DAO & DGXGold on the Blockchain

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The team over at Digix have the most robust gold backed crypto project going. There are many in the crypto arena, but Digix has got a lot of attention recently because the Digix gold tokens will be launching in the coming weeks.

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Digix DAO & DGXGold on the Blockchain

27 ਟਿੱਪਣੀ

  1. I think this is a good idea! Only 1% concern I have if for future temptation to fractional reserve the gold. Hope they don’t go the same way as Tether and phase out the audits. If they stop the quarterly audits then I suspect people would hold them more accountable than they do Tether.

    You can cash the tokens out to gold? Do they deliver to NZ? (I like gold!)

  2. A dao token DGD is what is currently tradedit gives dividend pay outs it is worth $300 – the DGX token is still to come to market, supposed to be in Marchit will be valued at the price of 1 gram of gold

  3. It’s a great idea. After seeing the exponential growth of Altcoins, forks and Bitcoin replicas created out of nothing, this is a serious alternative with something intrinsically valuable at the base of it. Possibly the early return to a gold standard of some form?

  4. Love your content and videos ! ਤੁਹਾਡਾ ਧੰਨਵਾਦ !
    Not counted ( high chance not backed up ) Printed USDt -> dgx &dgd actual gold . I feel like usdt is a cancer for crypto . Crypto market have to swallow this 2b or get rid of it through all marker getting sick . I expect to USDT get changed to btc/eth/ ltc /bch using multiple accounts cashed out with fiat -> pumped in to theirs accounts and show they have real usd later on this year 8-)) 2B $ Magic trick .

  5. Excellent video. I’m really excited about this project. Now I’m conflicted on whether to use Digix or buy gold on Vaultoro! Lol. I’m posting your video in my Facebook group, Crypto-Anarchists United.

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