Digibyte RebrandToo Little Too Late?

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Digibyte, an old favourite, but is it going to go anywhere?

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Digibyte RebrandToo Little Too Late?

34 ਟਿੱਪਣੀ

  1. really love this channel 🙂 can you do shift yet it never gets talked about, been around for for a while and has phantom coming to mainnet soon how many projects actually have something real these days

  2. Good video Lark and accurate based on what I have seen. I’m holding a little over 1.8Mil digibyte and think it will go back to previous high once some good activity happens. I’ve seen this coin go up big with just rumors. Actual news will send this soaring.

  3. To add further to your list please look at VERTCOIN. Even if you don’t do a video on it, look into it yourself. It has huuuuge potential and not a lot of people know about it unfortunately. Thanks Lark

  4. Really enjoy your videos mate! Imo digibyte is a sleeping giant! As an investor I look for longterm growth and while a lot of coins have gone skyrocketing digibyte hasn’t its only just starting to move reason why I have been accumulating and will continue to accumulate upto about 15-20 ਸਟ. This coin like you say is legit and still has a small market cap. It’s super fast great name and new logo. ਸੋਚੋ 2018 will see good growth. Holding for the long run! Always dyor! Thanks lark keep up the videos!

  5. That Guy . Tron one of my top ten picks. Huge potential. Solid management. More scope than most. Potentially gains more than most. I don’t predict figures. Anyone that does is guessing.

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