Digibyte DGBSecure, Community Driven, and Legit Blockchain

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Jared Tate from Digibyte and I discuss what makes DGB so secure, the competition, ਮਾਈਨਿੰਗ, transaction speeds, social impact, DGB features, and so much more!

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Digibyte DGBSecure, Community Driven, and Legit Blockchain

32 ਟਿੱਪਣੀ

  1. 90% of crypto is in a speculative bubble. Only the best in tech will survive the burst. Then the best in tech will surpass a market cap bigger than the bubble in the first place, just like the .com bubble. DGB will live on

  2. Marketing doesn’t have to be hype. This interview was the best ad I’ve seen for DigiByte, and it’s reinforced and educated me on many things I didn’t know about DGB. Get more of the team out there. Good stuff!

  3. Thank you for this amazing interview Crypto Lark, probably imo the best and most informative interview you ever recorded, DigiByte Blockchain sounds like the one, and what an visionary humble Founder this guy Jared Tate, thank you both and I like to see Jared again on your show later on

  4. Lark, dude! Always killing it. Love the interviews and content on other projects. #DGB donated crypto to #David Hay and the work he’s doing in Cucuta, Columbia. Gettinsome DGB now.

  5. Love Jared Tate’s story. Raised in a small Idaho town, did business in Hong Kong, created DigiByte, invited to speak at MIT and Harvard. Just a genuinely honest realass dude.

  6. DroidSage no hype. Steady genuine progress seems to be paying off. In the last couple of months Digibyte is really starting to gain exposure. Very excited for Digibyte. 👍

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