America on Bitcoin and CryptocurrencyWill The Government Allow Crypto to Continue?

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The American government is talking about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency and you should know what they are saying. They have no official position, but they are saying the Dark Web and crime organizations using cryptocurrency is a "Big Problem" for them.

America on Bitcoin and CryptocurrencyWill The Government Allow Crypto to Continue?

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  1. The can’t ban the technology and it’s too far beyond their control. This about moving towards a decentralized economy decentralized government and decentralized society as a whole. Which will in turn bring the nation and world together in a way we have never seen. This will also pave the way for universal basic income.

  2. We are witnessing wealth transfer in real time, the people who are threatened are the people who source of revenue from industries that blockchain will disrupt. Its not a matter of Trump policy he is a puppet to big money interests if they feel threatened he will fall in line to support them.

  3. FlatTimes using a VPN is not the same as a privacy coin. Bitcoin is written in a ledger. They can see every transaction if they have the internet and the thought to do so. Your name isn’t written in the bit address but when they attach a transaction to it they follow it. Privacy coins they can’t see the transaction. Although a highly encrypted VPN is always recommended.

  4. 2 trillion lost by Rumsfeld at the pentagram and they worry about chump change on the dark web! Dollars and CIA drug money the real criminals above the code but will answer to the Law for them who understand all will be judged one day!

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