Altcoins on My Watchlist in 2018

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This is a group of Altcoins I recommend to put into your watchlist for December leading into 2018. These are some of my top altcoins, mixed in with some of the ones I feel with room to grow. You can consider buying altcoins – SONM, Vertcoin, Lisk, Salt, ਭੋਰਾ, EOS, Electroneum, PIVX.

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  1. Amazing content. I’m in crypto since May this year. Have seen a lot of channels about crypto, 70% are really clickbait or just talking trash. ਮੇਰੇ ਲਈ, you Jeff and the Altcoinbuzz team are doing a amazing job. Thx for that. Again Brofist from germany. 👊
    Ps: What do think about power ledger in december? Short video would be great.✌

  2. Real real cheap right now. Actually sold my VTC back then to buy GRS. It was a great decision. I have a lot of trust on the coin due to their activity on Github (constant updates). Updates are everything when it comes to technology.

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