Altcoin NewsSafex Update, IOTA Update, Crypto Hype

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Today in Altcoin News we reached all time highs for the market again, we also have a Safex Update and petition for you to sign along with a look into Iota and other cryptocurrency from around the market.

Altcoin NewsSafex Update, IOTA Update, Crypto Hype

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  1. Bought a considerable amount of Verge, Cardano, and Tron last week after watching one of your videos. I think they have all more than tripled since then. Thanks Altcoin Buzz for everything you do. I appreciate this video to bring us back down to earth. Think I will certainly sell off some of those 3x games and wait for the inevitable dips.

  2. Alt coin buzz I think your wrong on this one, its not hype you got to understand that millions of new people are jumping on the crypto train and what people are doing is positioning them selfs early so when the coins do start making moves and news your set earlymoney is not going to wait for you buddy.

  3. Great video! You can see this all over the place in crypto currency. People invest in a coin, and they wonder why it has not doubled two days. I’ve done transactions that have taken hours, gone to bed, wake up the next day and it is still not there. Eventually it will always show up as long as you sent it properly. Also understand until crypto currency, it takes years to make these kinds of gains in the regular stock market. Everyone should feel lucky that they are part of this. Just relax and everything will be just fine!

  4. Agree, now there is too much toxicity in the cryptocurrency community. People either hate or love one coin and if you do not agree they insult you. Maybe this is outside of the topic but I can believe people expect just to become rich in a few days by investing in coins while people in developing countries work all day without complain. You should be very happy to have the opportunity to double your money while you are in your computer. But yeahfirst world problem.
    Btw, nice name.

  5. Your insight in to XVG in previous videos has motivated me to look deep in to the mechanics and team behind it. Looked at the blackpaper, learned a ton, now making amazing profitsthanks for your quality investor insights! Looking forward to following 2018 with your channel

  6. Hi Jeff, just wondering if SAFEX is toast? It saysNAon all the markets?? Is all lost or they are just re-grouping? I couldn’t find any information today anywhere on the internet…… thanks for any update you might have…..

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