Altcoin NewsCharlie Lee Sells His Litecoin, Cofounder Sells Bitcoin

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Today in news from around the cryptocurrency world includes a sell off of Bitcoin into Bitcoin Cash by co founder as well as Litecoin founder Charlie Lee selling his Litecoin.

Altcoin NewsCharlie Lee Sells His Litecoin, Cofounder Sells Bitcoin

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  1. I am be honest , I sub when your at 7,000 views . I’ve watch all your videos. I see and watch the market . When you described alt coins , it’s music to everyone’s e ears. Your very supportive, and hearing from you sounds promising! I’m glad I have found your channel. Believe it or not , when you post videos on low alt-coins. 1000 view later that coin spikes up !!!!!! Alt coin Jesus !!!

  2. He sold his Litecoin because he doesn’t want to be accused of shorting it or manipulating it in any way. Hes still full committed to working on its technology, but doesnt want people to think his goal is to raise the price. He stated that quite clearly, i don’t know why some of you commenters are asking why he sold it. Did you even watch the video?

    If you read his Twitter you will also see he mentioned that 2018 will be a huge year for LTC and that there is a huge unexpected surprise in store. I feel like this was a test to push out the fake investors who just want quick $..which it has

  3. I missed the BLUE flight. I saw it last night but couldn’t load up fast enough. What are your thoughts on Digibyte DGB and Library Credits LBC. They both are within my price range and seemed to be moving along quietly. Would be nice to hear your thoughts??!! 🤔

  4. kommi1974 I believe it will be Ripple before Litecoin on Amazon, but that’s just me using Amazon approach on being safe, not to mention that they like regulations and banking just the way it is right now. (I believe all that because of their electronic cigarette statements).

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