Altcoin NewsBitcoin Price FUD, Ripple Price Surge, Ethereum Hard Fork

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This is altcoin news along with Bitcoin and a look at Cryptocurrency markets from across the board. There is an Ethereum hard fork and a price surge into Ripple.

Altcoin NewsBitcoin Price FUD, Ripple Price Surge, Ethereum Hard Fork

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  1. Pro traders that go by chart analysis say BTC is going to $8,000 and then skyrocketing past $20,000. Wall Street is getting it down as low as possible before it goes back up. So amateur, undisciplined traders are losing money selling low right now. And they will buy high after Wall Street sends it to an unnatural high. And they will lose again, selling high after Wall Street dumps and it starts back down. This is like a turkey shoot for these Wall Street guys.

  2. Mainstream media is a joke. They report truthful news, but they only cover ONE side of every event instead of reporting ALL sides and ALL facts. This is the reason why I do not listen or watch the news, and take every piece of information with a grain of salt!

  3. I read an article that predicted everything that’s happening. We’re half way there. It said If BTC got options the wall street boys would short it. Pays tons of money to their friends to FUD it (literally pay the media and talking heads) and put their money into Ripple. Then they’d wait for BTC to come crashing down at which point they’d reverse their positions and make double on the way back up.

  4. I really wish he wouldn’t use mainstream news sources. That’s the best way to get fed a line of horseshit surrounding crypto currencies. Just look at their track record of covering it the last several years

  5. JEFF!!! Nebulas $NAS. 2 ਦੇ 3 founders Are co-founders of Antshares (NEO). Nebulas is a search engine for block chains. Allows people to create their own blockchain search engine. Team is stacked. Low supply. Very undervalued imo.

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