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We are all in this together. The challenge is real. These are tough times for us all. Find something to do today, besides looking at the market. Cryptocurrency has does this many times in the past and recovered. This is tough times for us and a hard pill to swallow. Remain optimistic. Spread the optimism.

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  1. Everyone needs to take a moment, step back, and breatheThis market is up 300% over 3 ਮਹੀਨੇ. ਇੱਕ 50% dip is not only normal, it is healthy. Markets do not go straight up, and if you see one that does, that’s when you run. This is exactly what this market needs, it will find new support levels, from which, we’ll reach even higher highs. This is normal, this is natural, and when we get to even higher highs, it will happen again. Relax. Step away from the ticker, unless you’re about to place a buy order. All will be well. I assure you. There’s far too much good in this market, in these projects, and the market is far too hot to do an instant freeze and crash, it doesn’t work that way. You’ll be good, if you can hold your cool. All will be well. Give it 2, most 3 weeks. Big news is coming Q1 across the board.

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