Aeternity – Ethereum 2.0 ?

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Smart contracts and Dapps on the blockchain!

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  1. Oh OKno need to add it to the list. Erlang is the programming language for Aeternity smart contracts described in the Aeternity white paper. Just wanted to point out that programmers are struggling to write smart contracts in solidity on Ethereum due to lack of trained programmers available and the difficulty in writing bug free code. Wondering if Aeternity’s erlang language will be even harder to use / find qualified devs who are trained. This could be a hindrance in writing smart contracts on Aeternity.

  2. I’ll probably due a small investment. I personally believe this investment would be a great 2-5 year investment. Honestly you can’t really lose in crypto right now if you are picking some great coins. Thanks for the video.

  3. Thanks for reviewseems really fair and yes they have their work cut out for them with lots of competitions. I think AE price will surge once they launch on mainnet in Q1 2018! AE tokens are a long HODL for me.

  4. I liked the video, I learned a lot of new things for myself.
    I’ll look you further, find out more useful things!
    Good luck in the development of the channel! More likes, views and subscribers))
    Keep it up! All cool))

  5. This space is so new…. and despite all the competitive nastinessit isn’t a winner takes all space. For instance Ford was the first mass market car…. but it didn’t stop other cars being built. They all do essentially the samebut are a little different. That how I see this whole space growing. We are so early. Build it and they will come…. and at the current price you can’t lose. Also it will have a lot fewer coins than EOS, which means it will be scareser

  6. Ahaha, ਪਹਿਲੇ 10 seconds😅 Such a meaningful review! But what about Aeternity wallet? Personally I manage AE and other of my cryptos in a decentralized Atomic Wallet 🚀 It’s a multi-asset wallet supports 300 assets, custom token feature, built-in exchange and “crypto ਖਰੀਦਣ” service, so I got all I need in one secure interface, I would look at your review

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