Ripple Crash! Can XRP live up to the hype? The TRUTH about XRP Ripple! Visa MoneyGram Blockchain

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Ripple XRP has been the subject of tremendous volatility, speculation, and now leaves untold numbers of investors holding the bags of XRP, hoping the market to correct. Can XRP recover to its all time highs? Find out now.

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Ripple Crash! Can XRP live up to the hype? The TRUTH about XRP Ripple! Visa MoneyGram Blockchain

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  1. its a big problem theres 20 plus trillion dollars worth of currency worldwide used to prefund nostro accounts in order to facilitate money transfers cross borders. Thats very costly to the banks and payment providers. Its a problem that needs to be resolved. So there has to be a solution to it. Ripple has a solution to the problem. At the moment the biggest obstacle for the adoption of XRP is regulatory risks. No bank wants to be the first one to take on the risks. Everyone is waiting and only say they are testing at the moment to see if the authorities will give green light for banking institutions to adopt cryptos for international money transfers. I believe the adoption of XRP will happen because otherwise people will simply not be using banks for money transfers soon as sending cryptos will be much cheaper and quicker. Also its worth mentioning XRP have other use cases other than as a bridge currency for money transfers. Its highly likely the institutional adoption of XRP will make it the future base currency for crypto trading by big financial institutions and thus replacing bitcoin. At the moment no banks can offer crypto banking services because of the stealth nature of bitcoin and other cryptos. XRP is really the only choice should they offer such a service.

  2. If every years about 2 millions Ripple are burned for the transactions like you said it would take a lor of years to see a real pruice increasethe problem that I see with your point of view is that you assumed it will have the same number of transactions every year, and with all the financial inst and payments companies that will start using XRapid using the XRP token the number of transacrions will increase dramatically. Also after few adopt the Xrapid we will see the Domino effect.

  3. Aren’t you leaving out the part about Ripple network first saving banks money on transfers with fiat and THEN the fact that banks will be able to save even more (cost and speed) if they go the next step and use Ripple XRP for transfers? I don’t see banks skipping a chance to save even more money if they can, once they’ve gone as far as using the basic Ripple network.

    It also seems that a massive amount of XRP would then be locked up inside of banks for purposes of these transfers (assuming the above value proposition of using XRP), which should then make XRP for us normal folks a little bit more scarce. Enough to nudge up the price over time.. And the more that institutions decide to gold, I mean, hold, the more the price out here on the street will riseNo?

    ਸੰਪਾਦਨ: really enjoying your channel, BTW, just wanted to ask, no shade intended. 🙂

  4. Well said m8, you have got a good gauge on XRP, the financial sector will use xrp on the xrapid platform without a doubt this i believe will take the best part of 5 years to complete at which time they will have control of XRP. rERhKTVhcfD6jo3MhC68chxojePbBcJ8s8 NO TAG

  5. Moneygram & Western Union are using X-Rapid which uses the XRP token. Real world use. Now that Ripple is starting on Cobalt they can handle 50,000 ਪ੍ਰਤੀ ਸਕਿੰਟ ਲੈਣ. Yes they deserve the hype & they are the real deal. What you didn’t know in Jan was now developers can launch ICOs on XRPs ledger. Could be the next Etherium in that regard. It’s April now & you didn’t know this in Jan when you made this vid but all the negativity was wrong.

  6. For every node adopted by external parties , ripple deactivate one i believe.
    xCurrent is a foot in the door with major payment transfer companies , xRapid is an upsell thus utilising XRP (which Ripple have a vested interest in its value). More adoption will lead to further adoption and other use cases thus leading to a small added value such as coin burn etc.

    Lets revisit this in 12-24 ਮਹੀਨੇ , Good Luck All!

  7. Keep making honest breakdown vids like this and I’ll keep watching! ਧੰਨਵਾਦ. Can you make an update video on topics discussed in this vid. Where are ripple now? Any more clarity on xrps true value?

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