Brave Browser Integrates New Private Feature + WALK-THROUGH + MARKET CHECK IN!!

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ਹੇ Altcoin ਰੋਜ਼ਾਨਾ ਟੀਮ,

Today I wanted clue you guys in on Basic Attention Token (ਬੱਲਾ)'s Brave Browser Announcement! Brave Browser integrates Tor into new private tab feature.

The latest desktop release of Brave includes a beta feature called 'Private Tabs with Tor,' which lets you open regular tabs alongside Tor-powered tabs all in one window.
Let's talk about it. This is a great video.

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Brave Browser Integrates New Private Feature + WALK-THROUGH + MARKET CHECK IN!!

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  1. Watching this on Brave Browser. It’s amazingly fastIt’s clean UI is beautiful ( even tho I am power user and I love to have more options ), websites with Brave loads very very fast, they are clean because of AdBlocker and I always feel safe because of HTTPS everywhere. Only problem with it is crashing ( Windows 7 )…. It’s crashing very often which I sometime annoying but i hope until v1.0 they will fix it. I would like to have more extensions too, and to haveBraveas a browser because when I visit site like ( it says that I am usingChromenotBraveand I don’t like that…. overall I love it and I hope it will continue to grow users and become better browser than now.

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