Blockchain EventsPillar Project Unconference Day 1

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Blockchain Events heads over to Vilnius, Lithuania to check out Pillar's Unconference with guest speakers such as Nicholas Merten (DataDash), Alex Cahana, David Siegel's Brainwash workshops and much more! Excited for wallet demo and beta testing this week. Had a sneak peak and lots great!

Blockchain EventsPillar Project Unconference Day 1

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  1. Going to zero. Would already be at zero if it wasn’t for the pump artists Jsnip and Clif High. A token used for transactions on basic ERC20 wallet is in no way worth the current real valuation of this project and its 800 million token supply. This token was lucky enough to do its ICO at the peak of the hype for ICOs in 2017 coupled with the pump artists selling the idea to their less than savvy listeners. Now are you going to block me for speaking the truth like Pillar Project blocked me?

  2. New Kids on the BlockchainNothing against you guys at all, but mainframe386 has a point. Pillar has been hyping that wallet for as long as I can remember. ਇਸ ਦੌਰਾਨ, DGB has a phone to phone app that transfers DGB in like 1 second anywhere in the world and has language-friendly interface for many languages. I’ve got a good chunk of dough in Pillar and it’s down 90%. This all is why I’m a bit disenchanted at this point.

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