Blockchain DocumentaryJSNIP4 Why Crypto? cryptocurrency ਖਬਰ

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JSNIP4 chats about WHY CRYPTOS? and the opportunity and hurdles for the average person to get involved in crypto currency and ico. All 'Three Amigos' now in the can!

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Blockchain DocumentaryJSNIP4 Why Crypto? cryptocurrency ਖਬਰ

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  1. Funny how this guy says he’s been following JSNIP4 for years yet he failed to mention how I was selling stolen trading videos, made by other people, for paypal charity donation labelledradiation monitoringNow my paypal account has been SUSPENDED for CHARITY FRAUD ABUSE

  2. Hch Gf the bitcoin mothership is still over 65% below it’s December 17, 2017 high of $19,871.62 and will stay there until late spring 2018 when it will revert to it’s old price of 50¢ per bitcoin just like the good old days!

  3. I’ve been following Snippy since 2010 . I remember how he said his wife Evelyn got him to look at the NWO stuff and his content caught my eye. He got me in to cryptos and I thank him for all he does. He puts up with a lot. I don’t agree with everything he says/does but he has a good heart!

  4. if anyone would
    like to be interviewed then please
    reach out. I want ALL views . I am providing short excerpts of EACH interview i do. If you look at the teaser on this channel you will see i am looking to tell the story from all
    angles and certainly NOT promoting anyone but I am interviewing people who interest me. I ask for suggestions of who to interview across my social media and also people who i come across at various events. I’m an independent filmmaker self funding my own production and NOT affiliated or funded by anyone.

  5. Stephen O Neill, no I don’t know you. I can tell you these classes and calls are a scam. The coins he pumps and dumps are too. If you want to learn trading go to Tone Vays on YouTube or Philakone crypto who have over 25 classes for free. He teaches the community how to trade. I’m not a trader,I just HODL my LTC and BTC. I’m very happy you obtained LTC for 111.00 😊

  6. jsnip4hows that working out for ya? Your wife even told you to sell at the recent high yet you saidno no no i need more time”. Perhaps you paying off your house may not happen for a while just like the CRYPTO CRUISE may not happen for years.

  7. Well I read some of the responses and have to agree with them because Jason at for a lot of people myself being one of them went with him on the silver and he just dumped it and now he’s pumping this I don’t know why anybody would listen to anything that this guy says

  8. is this for real? This guy is a front runner he always buys at the top of the market. No matter how many times i told him to wait he just keeps buying. And you don’t own your coins cause to turn it to fiat you have to put it on an exchange and they keep records and then fincen will audit you. Crypto is not buying groceries. Its more like a stock on the stock market. Its not a bank.

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