Blockchain DocumentaryClifHigh Favorite Crypto Projects

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Short excerpt from our documentary, where Clif talks about a few of his favourite projects in crypto and why they are such winners in his opinion.

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Blockchain DocumentaryClifHigh Favorite Crypto Projects

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  1. Yazan Rahhal so many people to interview and totally self funded so please spread the word and subscribe. Need an audience to make it worthwhile. Some great new interviews in next couple of weeks

  2. ਦਾ ਧੰਨਵਾਦ , appreciate some positive feedback as i’m doing this whole project out of my own pocket to try and add some value to the space. A load of the trolls that seem to hound my content probably don’t appreciate that. I have no agenda other than interviewing people i find interesting and trying to create a cool doco

  3. If you’re in crypto to circumvent big banks and make them obsolete, good luck to you. I admire fighting for a noble cause. If you’re in this game to get wealthy buy the coins backed by big business and banks. Those will be the only ones to succeed. Big banks are not going away.

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