Bix Weir On Litecoin & Theta, Crypto Crow on BTC , Cardano, EOS and more !

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This week the New Kids On The Blockchain have a double bill of blockchain banter bringing you all the latest news in the world of crypto from people in the know. Cardano (ADA) , Litecoin (ਐਲਟੀਸੀ) , EOS, BTC and more!

We start by chatting with Jason Appleton , aka Crypto Crow about all things Bitcoin and why the BTC market is struggling to take off and his favourite projects. What he feels about EOS and why he thinks Cardano (ada) is going to be such a huge winner in the race for blockchain ver 3.0.

Next it's onto our friend Bix Weir talking about why he is still so excited about Litecoin and why in a bank collapse its use case could be so important.

Also the winners of the two cold storage coins in 'Buddy's Blockchain Giveaway' from our Bitcoin House competition.

ਯਾਦ ਰੱਖਣਾ…. 'You've Been Blockchained!!'

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Bix Weir On Litecoin & Theta, Crypto Crow on BTC , Cardano, EOS and more !

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  1. Crypto Crow, I was incredibly disappointed in December 2017 when ‘futuresentered cryptos. But the naive investors all cheered it on!? To end crypto manipulation is pretty simpleeducate people that the big exchanges are NOT trading on block chains. They are using centralized ‘data basesand derivatives. If everyone just moves into trading on DE-centralized exchanges (P2P), the riggers would be left with their own sandbox. But we could drive free crypto markets by having pricing boards tied to DE-centralized exchanges vs. and others tied to rigged exchanges! The solution is in place! Trade on block chains not data bases.

  2. +New Kids On The Blockchain Strong, and incorrect :p . Brain, how much do you actually know about Dan Larimer and Charles Hoskinson’s past together? You do know that Charles and Dan disagree on every aspect of how a coin should work, ਸੱਜੇ? Because anyone who researched these people would know that Cardano’s model is NO WHERE CLOSE to what EOS is doing! EOS is a centralized coin run by an elite small group of block producers that can do whatever they like. They wont even work together. Cardano will be over 100x more decentralized, which isn’t hard when EOS runs so few nodes. Cardano will have governance systems so the coin holders vote on what happens rather then the elite group of EOS block producers that answer to no one. EOS is not transparent, and the funding models are very unclear. How will they afford improvements to the code? How does the community organize and upgrade the project in a democratic way, not relying on the elite group to both choose the direction and come up with the funds? They can’t because there is no treasury model, like Cardano has. They don’t have the Voting/governance models that Cardano has
    TL;DR EOS is way behind in terms of features and has a very unclear road ahead of it. Cardano is fundamentally different from every angle.

  3. Love you guys 😊😊 keep doing what you are doing, you are both unique 💪💪💪 btw YouTube is building its own karma in a couple of years when we all be Millionaires we’ll cut all advertising and it will be our time to laugh 😂😂😂🤣😂🤣

  4. +Brian H It’s not promises, they are actually academically verified, unlike other projects. They are extremely transparent, and everything they accomplish is published. They are actually the ONLY coin that you don’t have to ‘take their word for it.There are renowned cryptographers that don’t even like cryptocurrency, that have commented and verified their code. Other coins haven’t even shown their code at cryptographic conventions, they’d probably be torn apart if they did. But EOS isn’t gunna get their code audited by third party skeptics, they wont even audit their funds lmao

  5. +New Kids On The Blockchain Not just trolls though. Anyone who disagrees with him gets deleted. I think he spends a huge amount of time reading and deleting negative comments. And it’s not surprising that he has so many trolls as he gives out some horrifically bad advice (shitcoin Veri to go 1:1 with BTC he saysLOL).

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