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Bitman $18B IPO? BCH HARD FORK? WaltonChain VeChain OmiseGo Bitcoin & crypto ਨਿਊਜ਼!

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  1. Even if Bitmain could carry out a 51% attack it is a system that incentivizes them not to, their whole business model is built around this trust-less system so them compromising that would be the equivalent of hitting the self destruct button lol

    And I think Elastos may have figured out how to build a proper community, check out their Cyber Republic, would be awesome to see some coverage of that!

    Ps. NEX ICO details announced, sale happening early Sept.

    Thanks for the FUD homie!

  2. Like Substratum?

    Or is it like more diverse than their plan I’ll look into it a little bit more thank you for the info .

    Because if I remember correctly substratum is more node base and it’s kind of like a VPN Wi-Fi payment system kind of a little bit like Brave as well. On incentives when it comes to eurning with or is it more complicated like website addresses ect? I’ll look it up thanks I’m kind of more interested than just that I don’t have much money to Spread so many projects that Id like to get like ppp VEN node Sub Qtum OMG dgb ltc

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