Be Careful! The Bitcoin Price is Being Manipulated! 🚨Plus Apollo and Ethereum News!

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ਹੇ Altcoin ਰੋਜ਼ਾਨਾ ਟੀਮ!!

ਜੀ! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to talk Bitcoin Manipulation. Plus Apollo and Ethereum.

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Let’s trick the bots by being positive ਤੱਕ CryptoCurrency

Bots Are Manipulating Price of Bitcoin in ‘Wild West of Crypto’

Are Bots Controlling Crypto Markets?

Are Bots Controlling Crypto Markets?

Some Exchanges are Even Encouraging it

ਦੀ ਰਿਪੋਰਟ: How Bots on Crypto Exchanges are Manipulating the Price of Bitcoin

Why Crypto is En Route to the Longest Bear Market in History

The Apollo Currency Team (APL) just engaged in a massive pump and dump scheme, dumping hundreds of millions of coins on their investors

The Apollo Currency Team (APL) just engaged in a massive pump and dump scheme, dumping hundreds of millions of coins on their investors ਤੱਕ CryptoCurrency

Ethereum Constantinople Rollout Will Take Place in February 2019

Ethereum Constantinople Rollout Will Take Place in February 2019


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Be Careful! The Bitcoin Price is Being Manipulated! 🚨Plus Apollo and Ethereum News!

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  1. I went to Apollo website last week and noticed they had a “ਬਾਜ਼ਾਰ” tab, so I clicked. The first few things I saw were nude pics for sale. ਹੁਣ, I am new to cryptocurrency, but I can’t see how this would be allowed on the front page of a so calledfutureof currency. Any thoughts?

  2. I’ve been following Apollo since their cde eventI really don’t think it’s a scam. Just opinions of course but We need to see if it’s bullish again in following weeksit dumped but dumped perfectly back down to the 100 ਅਤੇ 200 Day ema .. a dump scam would kill it to a full retrace.. the pump was caused by bitfi catalyst and bitmart exhange addto each their ownbut why would Apollo be so communicative with updates and info for 8 months just for a 4 day pump and dump?? Cmon nowlet’s wait a few weeks to see if she runs up for another wave before we fud it

  3. If they’re trying to manipulate the market so as to panic me into selling or panic me intofomoing in, they’re wasting their time. I just treat Bitcoins like another kind of precious metal. I buy some bitcoin every payday and dump it into one of the addresses on my Trezor, which remains locked in my safe deposit box at the bank. I don’t trade and when my w2 arrives I’ll fill out the EZ form and have my taxes done in about 10 ਮਿੰਟ. Now that the house is paid off I live a comfortably frugal life. My mechanic job delivers an income of 4600, spending is 1400, and my surplus is usually 3000 ਇੱਕ ਮਹੀਨੇ.

    In time bitcoins will go back toward the ATH. When that happens I’ll dump this house on the market, store the cash in vaulted gold across a couple different vaulting services, then quit my mechanic job. In years where bitcoin is going up I’ll draw my budget from bitcoins. And when we’re in a bear market I’ll draw my budget from the vaulted gold. I’ll keep my cash-ins below 38 thousand a year (which I can do quite easily) which will put me below the minimum for long term capital gains. And since I currently only spend around 20k a year (or less) I should be able to do that quite easily.

    It’s my goal, that once I retire, to never pay income tax again.

  4. Was looking into Apollo last year and loads of red flags 🚩 some of the creators of the coin did some sketchy Kickstarter for a documentary and took all the money and never made the film. So much more that seems sketchy about them, so many ppl just FOMO In cause it went up like 300% in a few days but don’t even do research

  5. +Fid LaF POS dont work on ethereum connect. POS is working on Callisto coin network since last november. And its started as proof of work. Now what they do in each block found certain percent will be allocated to proof of stake for stakers. Which ethereum connect trying to do. But erhreum have another idea create etcsv. Fork and create another coin its gonna be complicated if you own eth good luck

  6. +Altcoin Daily Just saw a video that was put out by Sunny Decree on You Tube. They referenced Altcoin Daily’s top five cryptos where Apollo was mentioned. Sunny Decree called Apollo Currency a scam and was very forceful about it. Sunny went through the list of reasons, all of it FUD or misdirection. I think Apollo should sue the hell out of this You Tuber for defamation. There is a line at which a You Tuber should not cross. Cryptos are in the middle of a bear market as we all know. Apollo was finally getting some recognition for all its hard work, but once again the FUD winds start blowing and the price starts to fall. Apollo’s hard work and good product are still there to see but people don’t want to do their own research. It is a shame that one You Tuber that clearly did not do any real research into Apollo could do such damage. Just sad. The video ran more like a hit piece, wonder how much other privacy coins Sunny owns.

  7. Rick Debski everyone is entitled to their opinion…. in my view if Apollo was a scam it would have crumbled a year agothey closed their cde event and price dropped after release as expected… ਫਿਰ 6-7 months later it has its first nice bounce aprx 200 percent gain then a dump that retraced 70 ਫੀਸਦੀ… might be a pump but the pump played the fibs just like anything else would lol. U need to look into how much money NXT is dishing out to influencers to fud Apollo due to them being competitors. Please dyor. To your theoryApollo died.. then came back.. and will die again by next year. It’s small capit’s moves will be extreme and risky. I don’t think it’s a scam tho imo

  8. Altcoin Daily truefishybut the catalyst was there and it’s retraced and pivoting on its 50 percent retrace as I type this. Give her a week or two and I think we will he rising again due to forward updates. Lots of projects have fake volume and do fishy things.. I just think it’s funny that hard core fud always comes toward Apollo during their retracedvery convenient. When I think pump dumpI always see dumps go further down than even where it started. (Cleaning it out). Apollo is showing signs of normal retracement. You can’t have a 200 percent gain without a nasty correction- especially in a small cap coin with lots of amateurs trading it

  9. Part of the problem is that some exchanges had no fee trading (ਚੀਨ) and wash trading was the norm. Just wait until the bots start fighting each other as the price rises when the liquidity dries up.

  10. Trading successfully is just by trading with accurate trading signals. Ever since I started trading with signals that Mr Jeffrey provides on his telegram group,i got great profit and trading became easy.

  11. i was waiting for the run up , little did i know i could make profit simply by trading my coin.Thank God i contacted Jeffrey early enough, he gave me a great insight into trading and assisted me in increasing my portfolio by 3 bitcoin from the original 1.2 bitcoin i invested in just 4 weeks

  12. And while you do that. Others will keep money in fiat or stable coins. Then when we hit sub 2k prices buy back in. They will have double the number of btc for the price. And when all time highs come about you will have half what others will have. Kudos!

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