Announcements: SEC Bitcoin ETF Approval, BAKKT, and Nasdaq’s Launching Crypto 2.0 [Consensus Invest]

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ਜੀ! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to talk about Consensus Invest 2018!


ICE Founder: ‘We’re Kind of Agnostic’ on Bitcoin’s Price

ICE Founder: ‘We’re Kind of Agnosticon Bitcoin’s Price

Why Bitcoin Cash SV is the only top coin rising as crypto crash rolls on

Why Bitcoin Cash SV is the only top coin rising as crypto crash rolls on

Next Big Crypto Market? Cash is Rapidly Disappearing in Sweden

SEC Chair Clayton: Crypto ETF Needs Exchanges ‘Free From Manipulation’

SEC Chair Clayton: Crypto ETF Needs Exchanges ‘Free From Manipulation

Nasdaq, VanEck Partner to Launch ‘Crypto 2.0’ Futures Contracts

Nasdaq, VanEck Partner to Launch ‘Crypto 2.0Futures Contracts

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**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!

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Announcements: SEC Bitcoin ETF Approval, BAKKT, and Nasdaq's Launching Crypto 2.0 [Consensus Invest]

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  1. Everything I have been following on ta has been very accurate. I think it’s possible that the SEC would say that hoping to drive Bitcoin lower, since there are probably people paying him off, so that they can get in cheaper right before ETF is approved. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

  2. Appreciate your videos everyday, your dedication to crypto is fantastic . I am holding various altcoins, favouritesADA/XLM/ONT/VET/RVN/NEO/TRX/NULS/ELA/OMG. I am holding over 70 ਸਿੱਕੇ , would love to know other altcoins people believe in? Can you do everyone’s top 20 altcoins poll???

  3. Government driven “cashless” societies are the CB’s way to garner greater control over their money flows and their people. Sweden is the perfect place to roll out this total government control. Swedish people are completely acquiescent and submissive to their government. Complete socialist puppets.

  4. I live in Sweden and that article is stupid, Sweden is just trying to remove paper cash, has nothing to do with cryptocurrency, this has been on the rise for over 10 years and Sweden is removing more paper cash to have it all digital and nothing else, even if there are some crypto news happening in Sweden it has nothing to do with this fact, this would have happened with or without cryptocurrencies.

    And this is nothing good, people actually hate this in Sweden, the government is only doing this because they want to have more control over the people and their money, they want to keep tabs on every transaction you’ve done, our IRS in Sweden is like a maffia with the law on their side.

  5. Hilarious that the Chair of the SEC is concerned about manipulation, when they refuse to investigate the massive manipulation in the stock market, the PMs, ਈਟੀਐਫ, ਆਦਿ. Ask Gerald Celente about MF Global and the money he lost in that fiasco. The SEC is as corrupt as the DoJ.

  6. We have had lies and been misled all year ,now down 95% and need 2000% just to break even . I was only waiting for the Herd to come in Marchthe list goes on and now the markets Fxcked . The ETF won’t get approved , Bakt will be postponed again due to the SEC and some legislation . Its been a bastartd of a year and BTC could easily go below $1000 yet . Capitulation is just starting .. I played it wrong .

  7. I am swedish and I don’t think that the swedish government are going to have any crypto friendly regulations anytime soon. They want to suck the tax payers dry, very obvious nowadays. Insane taxes on for example gas 60% tax. The e-krona is just another way for them to suck money from ordinary people. When people are forced into the digital e-krona, they can continue with the negative interest rates and people will have to pay for having money on their bank accounts. The migration has been very costly for sweden so they are doing everything they can to get in more money to cover the costs.

  8. +pinballrockstar nightmare. When Invested last year into LISK and a few others I was genuinely investing and it worked well initially I waited as the market corrected in February ,March and waited and waited . and now I am a Gambler .as it seems even if some of these coins are successful if BTC and all the Cxnts involved in it crash the market which they have done beyond comprehension ,all other coins Tank harder . Lisk was $40 at christmas and now its $1.20 LMFAO. I even have a Tax bill for making money I never realised ..Lifes for living I guess.

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