Doble dígito pérdidas barrido activo Crypto mercado

The cryptocurrency markets are a sea of red today, with all the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap reporting double-digit percentage losses for the last 24 ya ora.

Bitcoin has dropped 16 % over the same period to 10-week lows below $8,000 and could suffer its worst weekly loss (mäs de 25 %) since April 2013. The cryptocurrency suffered a 30-percent drop in January and is down 45 % on a year-to-date basis.

Ethereum’s ether token is down by 28 %. Ar cryptocurrency mi mirado relativamente resistente a principios de nuna ar su̲mänä, nä'ä bí gi ungu̲mfädi nu'bya ya flujos ar capital institucionales ne Venezuela ’ nja ntsoni s pa preventa petro cryptocurrency jar plataforma Etereum. Wat'i, puño Toro mä porke bí debilitado ne ETH bí hyandi comerciales alrededor ar $785.

Mente tanto, Ripple ’ s XRP token alinea hñu ja ar Nthuts'i perdedores ko 'nar 35 Por nthebe ma ja ar gota. Ar cryptocurrency xi caído nu'bya $0.635 — ár za̲ ár nthe̲ mäs hñets'i'i ndezu̲ ar Disyembre. 15. Te̲ni ar ts'o comienzo ar je̲ya XRP, ko 'nar 49 caída ya ciento Nxoge enero.

Nxoge, the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies taken together has dropped more than $100 're̲t'anthebe millones.

Further down the chart, striking a rare positive note amid the gloom and doom, a gold-backed token named DigixDAO (DGD) stands out after having posted 30 percent gains.

Autor: Richard Abermann