Blockchain noticias 20.07.2018

Samsung accepts crypto payments in 3 Baltic states

Samsung is reportedly accepting cryptocurrency payments in several Baltic States using crypto payment platform CopPay. The Lithuania-based company made the announcement today. Customers in the countries of Estonia, Latvia, ne Lituania da mar tsa̲ ndi ta̲i Samsung smartphones, tabletas, ordenadores portátiles, Aparatos TV, ne nä'ä ko cryptocurrency.

Conglomerado multinacional Coreano jar sur da aceptando pagos crypto jar Bitcoin, Litecoin, ne ma'ra. 'Nehe ar 3 Dähnini bálticos, CopPay 'nehe pe̲ts'i varios ar ma̲ ko ár plataforma Portugal. Ar compañía 'nehe anunció cryptocurrency ngut'ä bí convertirá jar nt'ot'e aceptado ar njut'i ja ya tiendas jar 'ñu Samsung.

Calificación basada blockchain mpakuthuhu sube $8 M ja ar financiación ar

A startup looking to build a credit scoring protocol on top of a blockchain has raised $8 million in seed funding. POINTS, Fundada jar 2017, said it drew funding from a mix of traditional venture capitalists, as well as Zhong Cheng Xin Credit Technology, China’s first nationwide credit rating agency.

Sarah Zhang, founder and CEO of POINTS, bí mä: “Ja ar actualidad, whether it’s for banking or registering at a crypto exchange, users need to repetitively upload their profiles. Mente tanto, institutions also need to repetitively conduct the KYC process manually, which is time consuming and leads to a huge data storage on their ends. The end goal is to give a user a credit profile as complete as possible so that they can access to financial products that otherwise may not be available.

Coinbase prime brokerage reportedly onboards $20B hedge fund

Coinbase has launched a new prime brokerage service for hedge funds & has reportedly attracted an unnamed $20 billion hedge fund: “The firm has onboarded a $20 billion hedge fund through its prime business, the people said, declining to specify which fund. The team is working on getting other large hedge funds onto its trading platform.

Prime brokerage allows hedge funds to borrow from Coinbase after putting down collateral, then they can trade on a number of crypto exchanges without putting down a balance or having to deal with private keys. In the future, Coinbase may also provide execution services where they can assist hedge funds in locating the best platform for a trade.

Bolsa Malta tintas ar ocupa pa gu̲ts'i ntsuni tokens intercambios

MSX, brazo fintech recientemente lanzado ar bolsa Malta, Xa xki 'yot'e varios ya 'ra'yo nkohi destinadas da t'ot'e ya 'ra'yo ta̲i pa valores tokenizadas.

'Nar nkohi ar gu̲ts'i 'nar “regulado ne descentralizado, bolsa global listado ne comercio dividida valores ho mi 'bu̲i ar crypto — activos.” Neufund, 'nar plataforma valores tokenización ne ar emisión, afirmó ke ar 'ra'yo plataforma da “ar ndui plataforma ar emisión primaria end — to — end ar tokens Ntsuni.” José Portelli, Ndä ar bolsa Malta, ar 'be̲fi 'nar “pionero jar finanzas 'bede” i bí mä “Ga complace uni ar bienvenida da Neufund ngetho ma socio clave jar ár nju̲ts'i mpa̲ti basado ar blockchain xí totalmente mfaxte ko ya ta̲i dige ar bojä establecidos.”

Jar noticias relacionadas, mpa̲ti cifrado OKEx 'nehe ar xi asociado ko MSX pa ga da ndu̲i japi 'nar mpa̲ti — llamado OKMSX — pa ar comercio ar “'mui institucional” tokens nsu. Ar espera da plataforma lanzamiento Q1 ar je̲ya gem'bu̲.

Kraken informe he̲'mi hyax'bu̲pa jár ta̲i pa 19.07.2018

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$139M comercializados da nu'bya xtä ja ya ta̲i

Blockchain noticias 20.07.2018

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