Temu̲ ar cryptocurrency ya inversionistas aconsejados ndi, i nä'ä bí mantenga?

The end of May puzzled the crypto industry with a notable bearish coup on the exchange. In the last trimester of May, the TOP-25 cryptocurrency showed a noticeable decline. Ir, on May 22, bitcoin fell below $ 8000 for the first time since April 18. Ether and Bitcoin Cash sank 14% in a week, EOS – 'bu̲ 6%, and XRP – 'bu̲ 8.5%. The only winner that week was TRON (TRX), which reported a slight increase in its quotes.

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The trend of one of the main market markersthe ratio of the cryptocurrency pair of Ethereum and Bitcoinalso changed to a downward one. Because of this, other Altcoins, based on the Ethereum blockchain and, ir, partly dependent on its position, may fall sharply if the bitcoin rate continues to decline. Ma xkagentho ar pa, the cumulative cryptocurrencies market capitalization decreased to $ 322.5 're̲t'anthebe millones, sagging by 14% compared to the second trimester of May.

What should traders do in the market, which turned out to be bearish paws? Recientemente, venture investors are already pretty skilled in the issues of cryptocurrencies and are already strongly advising traders what to buy, what to keep and what to sell. Although in January this trend among large fiat investors was not so obvious.

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Ngu, Spencer Bogart, a partner at Blockchain Capital, believes that the current situation on the exchanges is beneficial for a successful purchase. “Since bitcoin has recently been used more and more often and it still has many institutional interests, it is worth investing in it. Ya dätä thuhni gi 'bu̲hu̲ mpädi mpe̲fi ko nä'ä, ofrecer yá clientes. 'Ra abren ya plataformas ja ya. 'Nar institucionalización mäs profunda ar bitcoin ar nu'bu̲ da nthe̲hu̲ 'ra ya positiva, “ar orador bí mä.

A pesar de dinámica descendente jar ximha̲i ’ cryptocurrency ndu̲i s, Bogart ar na alcista dige ár futuro. “Bitcoin ar tsa̲ da mäs barato? 'Ñotho ar duda. Pe pe ke ár nsa̲di da dätä ne ar je̲ya? Absolutamente pädi xi hño nä'ä, “- explicó ja 'nar Entrevista CNBC.


Previsiones positivas, wat'i, hingi ar aplican ma altcoins. “Many cryptocurrencies are overvalued and unreliable. There is a chance that they willshoot”, but they have many obstacles for this, “Bogart said.

Ma'na inversionista riesgo recomienda mpe̲hu̲ xingu 'nar vistazo mäs ar getu'bu̲ ma Cardano (ADA), TRON (TRX), IOTA (MIOTA) ne NEO (NEO).

Es interesante nä'ä, dige ya Etereum Spencer Bogart ar algo prudente. “Ar xka ar, there’s a lot of ICO on the Ethereum blockchain. Hingi da mfädi Temu̲ gi thogi ko nuya 'yot'e ne honja 'me̲hna afectará ar emisión Etereum jar nsa̲di,” comentó. “'Bu̲ 'rangu̲di, Dí pe̲ts'i ja ar monedero ar dätä esos jugadores komongu ar ondulación, Efectivo Bitcoin ne EOS.”

Ya entusiastas crypto 'nehe expresan algo cautelosos pronósticos. “Temu̲ o̲t'e 'nar tendencia bajista, nä'ä, in the medium term, is not confirmed by anything? It is definitely not worth buying cryptocurrency in speculative order. If you are going to take something for six months or a year, then do not take anything. If you are already sitting in a long-term portfolio strategy, then hold, because on a short-term trend it is unclear whether it will be possible to jump out and jump again at a more favorable price. Selling only makes sense if you are a professional trader. But even they can trade, Pe, only on technical rebounds, so in any case it is better to keep their assets. Jar Nxoge, my recommendation is to pay attention to altcoins with low capitalization, because the market is now settling down, and the altcoins after the bitcoin are sinking at times more.

What to do in conditions of a recession in the market, each trader decides for himself. The most important thing is to correctly form your cryptocurrency portfolio and not panic if there are fluctuations in the market. Especially on such volatile as cryptocurrency.

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