Crypto Adolescents

Popularidad cryptocurrencies, Xa zo̲ho̲ ya escalas, nä'ä ho̲ntho na perezoso wa na prudente omitir nuna ar 'mui ar partido. Resulta da do audacia ne perseverancia ar gi 'ñudi hingi ho̲ntho ya ma̲ ne inversores ko ya decenas ya je̲ya mfeni jar intercambios, ge 'nehe ir nge ya bätsi.

Ya bätsi modernos bi 'mu̲i jar era ar 'bede, they are surrounded by all kinds of gadgets since childhood, and they start communicating with computers before the previous generations. From an early age, they have such communication opportunities that were not dreamed of by previous generations. Ir, representatives of the generation Z are faster trained and feel more organic in the world of modern technologies.

Erik Finman, one of the most successful young people in the field of cryptocurrency, in the 12 years felt the prospects of bitcoin. Pa 6 ya je̲ya, Nu'ä ba ku̲hu̲ ár dätä 'bede 400 bitcoins impares, Nä'ä ge'ä mäs de 4 millones jar equivalente dólares ar tasa nu'bya. Ne ga̲tho comenzó jar 2011 ko $ 1000 'bu̲i jar cenas ne klase ar pa ntso̲ni je̲ya. Bitcoin nu'bu̲ valió ar penä $ 12.

'Bu̲ 2013, Bitcoin mi crecido tanto ke ya activos vendidos Eric ma suficientes pa ga da ndu̲i japi 'nar hontho nthoni xa̲mbate Botangle, nä'ä 'nehe nä'ä ya'bu̲ vendió ar bitcoins. Ar bätsitho entusiasta crypto hingi da parar 'bu̲'bu̲, ja ya hñäki, Bitcoin conserva atractivo inversión, ne ár hmädi tsa̲ da zo̲ni jar 1 millón dólares. The young millionaire also believes that the modern education system is archaic, and YouTube and Wikipedia can teach much more. He even argued with his parents that he would not go to university if he could earn a million dollars before reaching adulthood. Not a bad lesson for the modern generation?

Majwäni, Eric Finman is not the only example of a teenager keen on cryptocurrencies. His mainrivalis Eddy Zillan, who first became interested in crypto-active people at the age of 15. It’s too young to start a Coinbase account, Pero Foucault hingi nä'ä bí zogi ne nä'ä bí nthe̲hu̲ 'nar bí mi 'be̲ni ya nge ar sitio. Nä'ä 'naha da 'yo̲t'e bí ta̲i Etereum pa $ 100. Ja xi Hinti mi cientos ya bloggers ne revistas, ni tsa̲ da ma̲xkigi ga uti da nu'u hingi nthe correctamente. A pesar de 'me̲hna, Ar bätsi ganó ar ndu̲i $ 10 pa 'nar par ya ora. 'Me̲hna hingi himar tsa̲ dejar ar golpear nä'ä, getho 10% jar 'ra ya ora – excelente crecimiento. Mäs xti nde invirtió dige $ 12 're̲t'anthebe ja ar cripta. Nxoge 'nar je̲ya crecieron ma $ 350 're̲t'anthebe. Nu'bya ar Zillan 18 ya je̲ya bätsitho, Nu'ä posee 'nar hmädi cartera mäs $ 1 million and works in his own consulting firm Cryptocurrency Financial.

AnotherCryptoteenager” – Andrew Cory, 11-year, pupil of the 6th form managed to write about Bitcoin a whole book, in which he reflected his vision of the essence of cryptocurrency and blockchain. The book, perhaps the youngest expert on kryptovlyutam can even be purchased on Amazon. The benefit, of course, is intended primarily for children, nä'ä, wat'i, does not detract from its relevance. Andrew himself has, according to him, a modest 0.02 bitcoins.

There are young crypto-enthusiasts andbad guys”. Ir, the Bitcoin Platinum, many misleading, was launched by a juvenile fraudster. Wat'i, the public paid attention to it in time, and he had to admit to the unfairness of the project. Ar acuerdo da nä'ä, he planned to collect only $ 5,000.

Obviously, in the future the demand for specialists in the field of digital economy will only grow. And the proposal, by all accounts, is not going to lag behind either.

Crypto Adolescents

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