Bitcoin Interest is Soaring! Politicians Starting to like BTC, Best Blockchain Games – Crypto News

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More institutional money are entering the crypto space! Reports also show that there's an increasing interest in Bitcoin. Billy will also talk about the politicians that are now sharing their positive outlooks on btc and crypto. Finally, Billy will break down the best blockchain f2p games that you should try!
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Latest Grayscale Report Shows Institutional Bitcoin Investment On The Rise

Hackers Are Turning Binance’s Stolen Bitcoin Into Other Cryptocurrencies

Hackers Are Turning Binance’s Stolen Bitcoin Into Other Cryptocurrencies

Not All US Politicians are Against Libra and Bitcoin – Here’s What They Have to Say

Not All US Politicians are Against Libra and BitcoinHere’s What They Have to Say

More US politicians coming out of the woodworkworks

The Crypto Space Now Has a Step-Father

The Crypto Space Now Has a Step-Father

5 F2P Quality Blockchain Games You can Try out Now

5 F2P Quality Blockchain Games You MUST Try Now!

Squak Box Twitter Clip –

Barry Silbert Tweet –

Relentless Gaming Trailer –×8

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Bitcoin Interest is Soaring! Politicians Starting to like BTC, Best Blockchain Games – Crypto News

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  2. Grayscale’s second biggest holding after Bitcoin is ether classic 💚

  3. Có người nắm giữ Ethereumcryptocurrency không? Bạn có cơ hội tăng số lượng tiền miễn phí trên cổ phiếu

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  8. Even New Yorkers can buy BTC from Coinbase and Gemini Exchange because they got a Bit License years ago.

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  14. you cant kill bitcoin but if all govt will collude to ban bitcoin, then it will no longer be a good store of value and price will dumpnot to zero but definitely lower in value. and people will start using something else like XRP which is already compliant.

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