You Should NEVER use Leveraged Bitcoin Trading – Here’s Why

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This video will cover why using leverage to buy bitcoin isn’t always a good idea – especially if you’re a new trader! Leverage isn’t always bad, but all investors should be aware of the risks inherent in buying anything using margin or leverage. This video will raise awareness of the risks of leverage.

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Investing is risky. Only invest money that you are willing to lose, and always consult a wealth management professional before investing anything. Leverage is extremely risky, especially with cryptocurrencies. If you are interested in cryptos, only invest what you are willing to lose, and always get experience with investing before moving forward with any advanced investing tools.

This video reflects my opinion only; numbers are approximate and may become inaccurate as time passes. This video is in no way advice, or investing advice.

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You Should NEVER use Leveraged Bitcoin Trading – Here’s Why


  1. I only trade on leverage. Making a killing! Up 24X in the last 4 days lol. I have screenshot proof. As does the 100+ other people in the group I’m in.

  2. CryptoRich82 Bmoney This is my second year trading and trying to find a group with people that know market moves. Would you be willing to share that group?

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