Will ALTCOINS Catch Up to BITCOIN? Cryptocurrency is HERE TO STAY!


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Will altcoins catch up to Bitcoin soon? Barry Silbert thinks alts will explode soon! Billy will also look at why crypto is here to stay as well as a FED raising concerns about Facebook's Libra.
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Barry Silbert Predicts Altcoin Price Explosion to Catch Bitcoin Rally

Why Cryptocurrency Isn't Going Away Anytime Soon

Bitcoin Price Slips 10% in 24 Hrs as Fed Raises Facebook Libra Concerns

Here's Why Bitcoin Price Cratered After Smashing Beyond $13,000

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Will ALTCOINS Catch Up to BITCOIN? Cryptocurrency is HERE TO STAY!

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Keep an eye on NOIA Network – they’re building on Hashgraph and will have a tiny cap and circulating supply when they start trading on Kucoin in a couple of weeks. Basically guaranteed to 20x at least if you’re lucky enough to get buy orders filled on first few candles.

  2. $PLG is already trading at 700% from presale price since its listing on Binance DEX this week, with Upbit likely to be the first CEX they are listed on. Now lets be real, it won’t catch up to Bitcoin, but it’s definitely looking like one of the top alts of 2019.

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