Why is Enjincoin ENJ a good investment? with Enjin COO Lilia

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We met with #Enjincoin COO Lilia Pritchard at our Singapore workspace in October 2018 to find out about #Enjin coin, their partnership with Unity games and also more about the project. #ENJ

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Why is Enjincoin ENJ a good investment? with Enjin COO Lilia

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. 0:10 What is Enjin?
    0:44 What does this mean for the gamers?
    1:00 Do people need to buy ENJ to play the games?
    2:11 Tell us about the Enjin ICO and progress since.
    4:07 Tell us about the Enjin team.
    5:00 What business challenges are you facing?
    5:49 What technological challenges are you facing?
    6:09 Tell us more about the Enjin Mobile Wallet
    6:38 What is a Multiverse in regards to game items?
    7:53 Why is ENJ a good investment?
    8:48 What is the origin of Enjin?
    9:40 Tell us about the UNITY partnership?
    10:06 Why would Unity be interested in a partnership with Enjin?
    10:49 Lilia’s TOP 5 GAMES!

  2. All she had to say was, it’s a program that allows game developers to put an mmorpg currency in the crypto market.

  3. As a game designer, I see a big potential in this. I would like to see an Unreal Engine SDK added later on. But I imagine that Epic Games have the money to make their own variation of ENJ.

    The success of ENJ is dependent on game devs instead of the blockchain company itself. I hope to be able to see blockchain in video games. (Hopefully some good games made with effort, instead of made to make a quick buck)

  4. nope, it allows developer to unleash Items from games and make them Copy Protectet baked with real value, tranferable and tradable. atm People buy ingame Items ect with real Money but they dont own the Items. If the game wants they can take it away or if game shuts down they have nothing. With enjin baked ITems you have controll over the Item. The dev can controll how the Item work on the game site but you have the ownership., Means even when the game shuts down your Items will always be yours and you can atleast melt themdown for ther baked value inside or still sell them to People that wants to own it. Short. Atm when you buy something ingame you dont own it and have 0 value. With ENjin baking you have full ownership and always a base value. Ist less about currency and more about Ownership with real value behind

  5. BOY how much did you get from this company for this long ad!!! Makes me think if I should every watch your channel.

  6. +Med Otaku Haha how could I possibly get that from the title? I actually listened to her describe what it does then said it in layman’s terms.

    Listen to yourself: It gives people the ability to actually own the assets (ALTCOINS) they purchase in games (EXCHANGES). So, if you were to buy a fancy new dance (ALTCOIN) in a game (EXCHANGE) (like Fortnite) you would normally just buy the dance (ALTCOIN) and it would be stuck in that one specific game (EXCHANGE) forever and you could never really do anything with it.

    If that same item (ALTCOIN) is infused with ENJ the player can now take it out of the game (EXCHANGE), trade it, rent it to other players, use it in completely different games (EXCHANGES), or destroy (SELL) the item entirely and get a portion of their money back.

    All of this profits developers as well, as they can set fees for trading, renting, and melting (SELLING) items (ALTCOINS) (Sounds like a TRANSACTION FEE). Which also means that devs can now profit from gray market trading.

    Yeah, like I said, sounds like it allows the items and by an extension in game currency, to act like the crypto market and could eventually make its way to the crypto market.
    I’m not saying it isn’t cool or anything but lets not sugarcoat it.

  7. ENJ is awesome, still have coins from their ICO. Enjin will dominate the game market. Good job Enjin and Altcoin Buzz for the video. 🚀👍 @BaumerYXE

  8. +Fountain Productions We weren’t paid anything and if something is sponsored or paid for on the channel we are upfront about it. We work pretty hard to put out regular content about projects we like and interesting things happening in the crypto space. However, you should think about if you should ever watch the channel regardless.

  9. I don’t understand. Why wouldn’t say Google Play have either a dollar token or Google token? People pay for upgrades with fiat why tokenize it?

  10. John Vaughan so that you actually own the items you buy and you could sell it to another play down the line. Right now, when you buy items in video games you don’t have true ownership.

  11. Bought a large amount at ICO. Still holding. Where do we think the price will go in another year or two ? 🚀🚀

  12. Enjin is an extrmely risky project because its going to require massive adoption to lock down supply of their coin. I just cant see it being used in big games

  13. Thanks Altcoin Buzz!! The recent partnership made me watch this very informative and exciting video! Thanks for sharing this!

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