Why Bitcoin Will 2x in 2020 | BTC and Crypto Comparable to Early Internet | Bitcoin News


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Many compare bitcoin to the early days of the internet since they are both examples of emerging technologies. And similarly, within the first decade, it was clear the internet could be used for commerce, interpersonal communications, marketing, and education. Bitcoin's intrinsic value is below the market price according to JP Morgan’s strategists and the gap between the intrinsic value suggests that Bitcoin is on the risk of more breakdown.

Three major factors, Fudstrat co-founder and Bitcoin bull Thomas Lee took to Twitter with the findings from the firm’s 2020 “Crypto Outlook.” Bitcoin prices have reclaimed the psychological $8,000 barrier again recently and continue to crank higher as weekend trading commences. Momentum is clearly building in the Bitcoin markets. Options markets are indicating that there are available call options for a $12,000 strike price one month after the halving. Support held at $7,700 and the asset is on track to re-tap resistance at $8,400 if the bulls can keep up the buying pressure.



Bitcoin Will Double in 2020, According to Leading Research Firm

Bitcoin Option Calls Indicate Price Could Hit $12,000 in June


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Why Bitcoin Will 2x in 2020 | BTC and Crypto Comparable to Early Internet | Bitcoin News

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  1. Fully agreed, it’s still the mid-90s in this respect.

    Looking at some other quality use-case alts to shoot for the moon too, ALGO, BAT, ENJ and various others all have the fundamentals for mass adoption further down the line (not too far!!).

  2. Why would anyone even talk about Lee’s predictions, he was wrong 99% with every prediction he made in the past and he will be wrong again and again. Lame as lame can be.

  3. Thomas Lee almost always predicts BTC’s price will increase. Peter Schiff always predicts the price will drop. Neither is very often correct. I would never rely solely on either one of them. But, both offer perspectives and information that’s helpful in coming to one’s own conclusions.

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  9. Bitcoin and the Internet is such a good comparison. We are still pretty early in the crypto space. Once you understand Bitcoin, you understand that it’s not a matter of if, but only a matter of WHEN Bitcoin is going to get mass adoption!!!
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