WHY BITCOIN CRASHES SO HARD? Bitcoin Halving ATH | Wealth Creation Opportunity


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01:50 Market Update
02:30 Why Does BTC Crash So Hard?
04:49 "Bitcoin Halving" on Google Trends
06:32 Mark Yusko
08:40 Crypto Thought Leaders on BTC Halving
11:01 Crypto.com 50% off BTC
12:27 Tomochain Giveaway and AMA


Why Does BTC Crash So Hard?

Interests for “Bitcoin Halving” on Google searches reach highest numbers
Bitcoin is the Biggest Wealth Creation opportunity – Mark Yusko

THE ROAD TO $400k BITCOIN with Mark Yusko

This (Bitcoin) is the Biggest Wealth Creation Opportunity!

Thought leaders on Bitcoin Halving

Thought Leaders on Bitcoin Halving 2020

Crypto.com discount on Bitcoin for Halving

Tomochain Excalibur Hardfork AMA

TomoChain Excalibur Hard Fork Giveaway

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WHY BITCOIN CRASHES SO HARD? Bitcoin Halving ATH | Wealth Creation Opportunity

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. 01:50 Market Update
    02:30 Why Does BTC Crash So Hard?
    04:49 “Bitcoin Halving” on Google Trends
    06:32 Mark Yusko
    08:40 Crypto Thought Leaders on BTC Halving
    11:01 Crypto.com 50% off BTC
    12:27 Tomochain Giveaway and AMA

  2. Hey Altcoinbuzz, usually I like your videos, but the past videos when they have anything related to the BTC Price they are always far too late and have a huge delay. Like this one: the crash was 15 hours ago and you upload NOW a video, this is for a Follower irritating. You should try to maybe just make Chart related video separate from other news and upload them faster. Maybe in combination with a tweet. But the way how you do it now make me think about to unfollow you 🙁 sorry 🙁

  3. Because bitcoin and crypto as a whole is fuelled by overly emotional traders who dont have any business sitting on the portfilios they have. I know a 18 year old sitting on 50 million dollars worth of eth. Imagine that but now exponential. Face it their is a ton of lucky early investors and they collectively push the market into overly emotional states compared to normal markets because they trade on emotion and not fundementals.

  4. What you describe with the increase in popularity of searching the halving is one of several reasons why the halving can’t be priced in. Good video as always.

  5. who the hell has $50 million at 18 years old? This doesn’t pass the smell test

  6. Absolutely guys, I know it’s a news channel.

    But news should come ‘quick’ and if you have such a catchy and scaring headline, it should be near to the event. It’s like you reporting about the 911 event few hours later 🙂

    I compare YouTube channels to TV news, not to print media in terms of ‘speed’ … if the headline would be kind of “the BTC price crashed yesterday…” then it would be more accurate. But just reading the headline I get the feeling it happens just right now.

    And again:
    I know it’s not any signal channel or something, but then you should arrange the headline in my opinion.

    To understand Crypto charts is 90% pump and dump games from wales, nothing else *smile*

    @New Mateo
    I know ‘dude’ …

    @Shashwat Gupta
    Yes, it’s true. But the headline doesn’t really sound like education 🙂 first thing I did with a bit panic when I saw the headline is to switch to my Binance app and realize they mean the crash which happens yesterday 🙂

  7. Plan46beats nope, I don’t. I just got scared when I saw the headline and opened my wallet even before watching the video 😂 Clickbate Headlines should not be used from such quality channels like altcoinbuzz, there is no need for it. That’s all I want to say with it. The quality of the information is by far better then other channels, but again: clickbate irritates …

  8. futures and sellers that understably, believe that the ” halving” is already built in to the price..in the short…futures crashed it..

  9. ? kinda.. the people heavily invested in crypto HAVE priced it in and many have studied it for years. the people not ” in ” are in a huge group..and the variables ,why they are not, is numerous. a million different tech terms to fully understand.. i know it seems elemetary to younger people.. but for many older people that dont understand it combined with SECURITY THEY DONT understand, is going to be a problem..in the short and mid term imo. most people in the crypto market are speculators that do not use it for any transactions. yes it will be HUGE but do you see grandma and dad using crypto at the store anytime in the near…even the next 5 years ?? im not great with computers at all but i understand what quantum computers are capable of and the impact on human kind.. I JUST CANT RUN ONE. geez i cant even figure out how to transfer crypto from one account to another because if i hit the wrong button sfven and his boys could nick me. how many exchanges can u call and TRUST to help someone with a transaction? nope heres a list of frequently asked questions..good luck. to add to this people get robbed all the time with traceable assets..how is a murky non security any safer for the average joe who justs wants to buy something at quik mart? they have to know ALOT about the transactions method and the currency before they do…or get burned with no recourse. as of now the complications outweigh a potentially awsome use.

  10. Halving is built in this time round. All the smart money left this week before.

    Shorting is king in BTC now and BTC is not going to the moon anytime soon.

    Nice huge dump coming after the halving. And im jumping in at around 3K in the next 12 months.

  11. must be a rich kid to begin with. That makes it top 30 ETH wallet.

    Meaning when he bought it he must have had $100,000”s to begin with coz thats over 270,000 ETH…. if he got them when they were $10 each then thats over $2.7 million itself

  12. That crash came out of nowhere, I hope it recovers before the halving.
    Tomo adress – 0xa33f6eded41e8a5a317d56b44b03617ca3e2af45

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