WHO IS SHORTING BITCOIN? Another PayPal Bitcoin Update!

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In today's breaking bitcoin news, we cover how PayPal is likely to buy BitGo, one of the first bitcoin custodial service companies.

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Bitcoin goes mainstream as institutional ‘wall of money’ begins buying



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WHO IS SHORTING BITCOIN? Another PayPal Bitcoin Update!

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Of course it’s exciting when prices go up, but true Bitcoin Industry Astronomers probably don’t want institutional investors to participate, we want the metaphorical death of all boomer Banks, since we are our own since Block 0. 👨‍⚖️🇺🇳🚀


  2. Bitcoin will be the main federaton standard currency of the United Federation of Planets. 🇺🇳🌐🚀💫

  3. I would just love to see them burning.

    Bitcoin is electronic cash for the people not for the Banks.

  4. Honestly, the way that hedge funds are using shorts on the CME is actually healthy for the market. This means that Bitcoin futures are actually being used for their intended purpose which is mitigating downside market risk. However, will a lot of these shorts get rekt over the next couple years? Probably yes.

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  9. Holy Christ. Theres not any new btc hitting open exchange markets. CME IS GONNA LONG SQUEEZE VERY SOON

  10. I won’t give my Bitcoin to Paypal. Paypal will own your funds if you send it there. Custodial wallets are not what Bitcoin and crypto stands for!

  11. You’re right! But it is a first step to get people comfortable with the idea. Only when fiat crumbles and bank rund start will they think about moving their bitcoin into custody.

  12. I very much doubt anybody is shorting now with the intention of holding that short for 1 to 2 years if they are in a loss all that time.

  13. Long term, this is what I’d like too. Short term, this is what’s going to happen before we reach those long term goals.

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