What is FILECOIN? FIL Token Price Analysis

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When will the Filecoin ICO investors get their tokens? What effect will this have on the FIL price? Is this price action sustainable? What is FIlecoin? How many players are in the decentralized storage market?This and more in today’s crypto news!#FileCoin #DecentralizedStorage #ICO

Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Intro
1:40 What is Filecoin
2:54 File coin price & tokenomics
05:56 Huge decentralized storage market
07:05 China blocking storage sites
08:25 Competition

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I waited 3.5 YEARS to start vesting my ICO tokens NOW? from filecoin


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What is FILECOIN? FIL Token Price Analysis

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Timestamps ⏰
    00:00 Intro
    1:40 What is Filecoin
    2:54 File coin price & tokenomics
    05:56 Huge decentralized storage market
    07:05 China blocking storage sites
    08:25 Competition

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  3. Cool, really glad you did this quick focus on Filecoin. A couple months ago I was reading all about it and got all hyped, then after finding out that I wasnt eligible for a coinlist account somehow made me want it more… Kinda forgot about the launch too, but if I didnt catch this report I probably wouldnt have realized just how many coins from the ICO were waiting to dump with such juicy profit before punting a few bucks into a bad trade. Man imagine, even the team and affiliates or partnerships after waiting 3 years is going to want a piece of it ASAP…

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  15. Miss information, not 135Billion market cap, just 1billion. Otherwise, using your logic, ETH has infinity market cap. There is a different between this and uniswap: Filecoin is a blockchain. Coin is minted by block mining. Uniswap is just something like a “stock”, it’s minted by a rule.

  16. I did a little test with Storj but as much as I want the price to pump a 100x the last time I used it it way to complicated for a non technical user. No GUI but a command line. What are they thinking over there?

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