WARNING! Major Crypto Defi Hack, Are You Safe? Bitcoin Price Holding Strong


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Warning! Major crypto defi hack! Bitcoin price holding strong above key levels, and USA declares more money printing!
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WARNING! Major Crypto Defi Hack, Are You Safe? Bitcoin Price Holding Strong

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Just my opinion but I feel that once China deploys its blockchain on the 25th of this month, bitcoin will go up and the halving will make it skyrocket. First the clouds then the moon… I hope😅

  2. Don’t worry about the US economy Lark, I just learned that the US is going to file a lawsuit against China for 6 trillion dollars to pay for this pandemic! and then the FED will step in and bail China out.🤭

  3. Woaa woa wooa there Lark..We’re both lucky that my wife is still asleep and she didn’t hear your comment about the Jane Austen books..jeez..

  4. It’s kind of good the hacks are happening early on. Don’t want someone to hack and people lose Billions.

    New tech, bound to have teething problems.

  5. There’s bad/sad news everywhere you look. I’m not dwelling on any of it. Day to day personal existence/quality of life, is paramount.. Thanks Larky.

  6. It will dip after the halving. But it might be much higher than now…..i would get in now, in a few years a few hundred pounds will be nothing.

  7. When you youtube the term “recession” all you get is brainwashing trying to say the coronavirus is the cause for the coming recession, truly disgusts me.

  8. @Carl Johnson honestly I’m just basing this of peoples fomo. Bitcoin may not go up on the 25 or because of the halving.

  9. c’mon “someone” took the laptop and the one thing that had passwords? lol loose lips sinks ships…

  10. Hi lark
    I paid for beginner course but nothing I received in my email
    Please tell me how it works thank you kam

  11. The Crypto Lark
    Hi dear I paid for beginner course but nothing received yet
    Please tell me how it works
    Thank you

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