Wall Street’s Influence on Bitcoin – Price, Manipulation, Bakkt, Fidelity, & JP Morgan

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Can Wall Street save Bitcoin? Or is Wall Street to blame for price manipulation? What will the impact of Bakkt, Fidelity, the Bitcoin ETF and more be on Bitcoin?


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Wall Street's Influence on Bitcoin – Price, Manipulation, Bakkt, Fidelity, & JP Morgan


  1. I think it will be good for the price, but I hope we don’t lose focus on what a decentralized world currency could do for the entire world.

  2. The only thing i hope that i can get something better than a tricycle im getting this Christmas in 2020 🙂

  3. so Btc along with it’s children will get a massive pump to say 17 k”weeeeeeeeeeee” then a minor dump to 13k and many children sold as well, the masses will get a hold of the news that Btc is pumping everyone runs around like chickens with heads cut off buying btc and more of btc’s children (children are ALT coins btw 🙂 ) and it will pump again from 13 k to 25 k “weeeeeeeeeeeeeee” .and then dump back down to roughly 8 k..then I dunno.lol……..thats my guess “talkingoutmyass CrYpTo lArK NaTiOn . when will all this happen? “shoulder shrug”

  4. Wall st probably had something to do with btc going from 1k to 20k and back to 4k.
    Max Keizer said some months ago something about “bitcoin being wall Street’s new toy”. So yeah for better or worse and probably everything between.

  5. Nice format Larker.. you’re not blatantly reading out from regurgitated news bites like other channels “who sound like they’re practicing their reading skills” . It’s refreshing to hear someones unbiased, intelligent views for a change. Keep it up !

  6. Always thought government and wallstreet intervention is best left out with crypto for this exact same reason. Wall streets history has always been toxic when they get involved. Manipulation will now greatly increase and the richer will continue to get richer.

    Hopefully people will get some kind of gain out of hodl’ing.

  7. Although all the centralised “products” wall street will offer will be a complete anathema to the Bitcoin ethos the overall effect will be positive.

  8. Wall Street, the men in the ties are here to lie..Could be rough but we have no choice, do we? , Unlike wall street, BTC does not discriminate, bring it on! .Thanks for the update, Crypto Lark. Woop Whoop

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