Vertcoin Lead Dev James Lovejoy Interview

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James Lovejoy and I talk about all of the latest from Vertcoin / VTC – Atomic swaps, lightning network, community, and much more!

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Vertcoin Lead Dev James Lovejoy Interview


  1. Bang Bang. Vert is a true crypto for the people by the people. Great questions lark. Can’t wait for another livestream…

  2. You should get with Bread they already have the wallet and a huge costumer base in place.
    Good luck I have high hopes for VTC

  3. Thanks for the constant vids. Data Dash has been lacking a bit, so I’m glad I came across this channel.

  4. I think having a solid cult (a solid base and supportive community) around a coin is a good thing since in the near future that will be a critical factor for its adoption & usage in daily transactions.

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