Vechain / VEN – Blockchain Solutions For Logistics and Counterfeiting

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Vechain and WaltonChain will revolutuonize global logistics! Can both win?

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Vechain / VEN – Blockchain Solutions For Logistics and Counterfeiting


  1. Lark my brother! Sorry I feel like I’m spamming you with Neblio but man you gotta go see for yourself the day it had! I was all smiles today.

  2. Thanks lark now it’s penny cryptocurrency ideas it’s great and that’s the reason I love crypto lark videos

  3. “Vechain and WaltonChain will revolutuonize global logistics! Can both win? ”
    Hell Yeah. The market for RFID+blockchain is insanely huge, and it has countless other applications. There is more than enough space for Vechan, Walton, Wabi in China alone.

  4. Team of walton is much better if im not mistaken. VeChain still has great potential, though it won’t beat WTC.

  5. Hey Ralph, i am looking to buy WTC and VEN, how did you buy it? I did some research and couldnt find anything on how to buy these coins.

  6. Hey, Just got into VEN hope is the good move looking forward… Just like you said it has real-world potential.

  7. VeChain Development Plan related questions
    What is VeChain? What’s the vision of VeChain?

    VeChain is the world’s leading blockchain platform offering Blockchain-as-a-Service to enterprises for products and information.

    *its shitty amateur chinese people, now get over it*

  8. Great review of VeChain good sir. I think there’s plenty of room for multiple players in the internet of things space. It’s interesting to think about who will execute on the vision of a product or service more effectively Walton/VeChain. Personally I like them both! Keep up the good work Lark! Long Live The Blockchain!

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