VeChain 2.0 Integrating DeFi Operations | VET in Blockchain and Supply Chain

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Vechain updates and 2.0 in 2020. Vechain Thor is a public blockchain facilitating enterprise use cases. Its most popular projects include a food traceability solution for Walmart China, blockchain insurance solution for PICC, and liquified natural gas (LNG) management solution for ENN Energy and state-owned Shanghai Gas.

VeChain positions itself as the enabler of the mass adoption of disruptive technology. And that’s where Sunny Lu explains the need for a public chain like VeChainThor. As per Lu public blockchain is the foundation of a positive cycle. And that brings out the best of technologies like AI and IoT.


What is Vechain?
VeChain 2.0 Integrating Decentralized Finance Operations

VeChain 2.0 Integrating Decentralized Finance Operations

Blockchain In Agriculture And Food Supply Chain Market Set To Witness An Uptick During 2020-2029 : Leading Players – SAP SE, Origintrail

Blockchain in Agriculture and Food Supply Chain Market Set To Witness an Uptick During 2020-2029 : Leading Players – SAP SE, Origintrail

Important Supply Chain Projects Running on Blockchain

Important Supply Chain Projects Running on Blockchain

Vechain Hack and Aftermath

VeChain hack aftermath: CFO resigns, network to vote whether to burn stolen tokens

What Challenges Blockchain for Supply Chain Market May See in Next 5 Years

What Challenges Blockchain for Supply Chain Market May See in Next 5 Years

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VeChain 2.0 Integrating DeFi Operations | VET in Blockchain and Supply Chain

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  1. Wrong, in reality it should be worth nothing, considering the entire platform circumvents the reason blockchain was created. Eventually it goes to zero.

  2. VeChain once it takes off will out perform Bitcoin by a long shot. You all will see. So all of these idiots complaining about it, will be the same ones trying to jump on the wave. Good video btw.

  3. @XRP Freak Just like XRP then. Xrp token hasnt been used once to mitigate the transfer of funds. What is the XRP token actually used for? Vethor however is gas for vechain transactions. 👍

  4. Xrp holders just salty as vechain has more relevent partnerships and has more valuable transactions on its blockchain. Creating value for business, Irrespective of whether it is needed or not. It is being used unlike XRP.

  5. @MD D If XRP isn’t used for settlement between banks the token is worthless, but that’s not what we’re discussing here man. We’re talking about how the Vechain blockchain defeats the entire purpose why blockchain was created. It should be at zero for that reason, and it will be.

  6. Many assets will go wild many of them , bitcoin will drag them all with it , causing FOMO into coins , causing mental pumps and dumps , keep staking !!!👍

  7. @XRP Freak but this is reality…… And in reality Vechain is doing really well and has worth.

    Xrp has done 23% last 30 days that’s so poor.

    Most coins did 40% at least.

  8. Altcoin Buzz he meant OUT PREFORM, not surpass it, meaning will give you better returns 👍👍

  9. G’day AB Team, You really need to take 5-10 minuets to check out Dropil. No marketing,No pumpy releases during 2 years in wild, Full Suite of products being Released and start of marketing/increasing awareness. Only wants fair market value!! Oh and did i mention this is only Platform i evangelise and nothing to do with bags but research… And this team have exceeded expectations at every step and never stopped BUIDL’ing 👌🏻👀👌🏻Excellent UI & UX security ect. Ticks all the boxes mate of dyor. Excellent community and communication from team and Devs also. small in-house team. At least do yourselves a favour personally it’s that good really 🤔😎💪🏻Feel free to as any Q’s👍🏻Oh and there’s the first public AMA very soon 😊😉

  10. Btw love the continued growth over the years, Both professionally and knowledge base mate 👌🏻😉👌🏻

  11. I do love my Vechain. Just on a side note that could be the best investment in crypto “Singularitynet AGI” Highly recommend looking into this project. The man behind this project “Ben Goertzel” is a genius, is very well known, has some good connections / partnerships & nearly everything is going towards artificial intelligence. The best part is that no one is yet talking about this project. They have some huge partnerships.

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