Use Crypto to Buy on Amazon, Starbucks – Interview with Zeex

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Altcoin Buzz met with the Zeex team to find out more about their project which allows crypto holders to buy gift cards of popular brands and stores using bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and other cryptocurrencies. Here are the questions we asked them –

0:50 What is Zeex
1:41 How does Zeex work?
2:13 What problem is Zeex intending to solve?
3:27 When can we use Zeex?
3:52 Why do you think this idea would succeed?
4:36 What challenges are you facing at the moment?
5:37 If we can use BTC, why do we need Zeex Token?
7:48 How do you get merchants to accept crypto?
8:38 Which exchanges will Zeex be listed on?
9:14 What currencies can we use on the platform?
10:28 Why Ethereum ERC20 and not your own chain?
11:14 Why will people who are not in crypto use Zeex?
12:44 Run us through the customer journey with some use cases?
14:40 What is your vision with Zeex?
16:12 Israel, why is there such a big crypto scene there?
17:35 What would you like to say to The Altcoin Buzz Army?


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Use Crypto to Buy on Amazon, Starbucks – Interview with Zeex


  1. It will be even better when I can spend crypto at companies I actually want to do business with.

  2. Great talk but lets see it in action, at a physical chain location – Starbucks or Amazon would be difficult

  3. That is what they are saying, they have pre-paid gift card vendors with 450 brands who have tie-ups with these companies, no need to tie up with Amazon or Starbucks or Visa or Mastercard. Doesn’t seems like a complex solution but it’s funny why no one ever came up with something like this before. Surely there will be many ‘gift-card
    ICOs coming up now.

  4. I want the name of the person doing the partner relationships. Just curious their background and affiliation with amazon and such…

  5. It’s quite clear that they have partnerships with gift card companies due to their parent company . They don’t need direct access to the big brands when gift cards serve the same purpose and in fact are more handy. Think of gift cards as fiat.

  6. Ohhhh Understandable, I like this idea. Now i’m curious what other crypto companies are in this field.

  7. Don’t forget, they will need Hacken HKN, for cyber security, Hacken is a real gem and unique technology with a very low supply of 5M.

  8. Completely agree! Everyone will realize how important Hacken is for the space once it’s in the top 100! My favorite project this year!

  9. Very excited to test the beta in a week and than to use my zeex on amazon shopping. Great product and further along than the other companies

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