USD Tether – A Possible Systemic Risk to the Eco-System

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USD Tether has been surrounded by controversy. In today's video I break down the drama and try to get to the bottom of what is going on over at USDT.

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Disclaimer: Everything expressed here is my opinion and not official investment advice – please do your own research before risking your own money!

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USD Tether – A Possible Systemic Risk to the Eco-System


  1. Bitfenex’d dude is on a mission on twitter,posts every 5 minutes…lol…awesome review Lark! “crypto lark nation”

  2. That was a good video. Even for a random guy on the internet…And that Ackbar…lol very nice touch!

  3. Is usdt backed by real money? Do you mean money that is indiscriminately printed by the federal reserve backed by nothing? So are you asking if usdt is backed by fiat which is backed by nothing?

  4. One of the best video’s.
    I had been afraid for a long time that this would probably happen. Your research results in a scam super done

  5. The exchanges should quietly start to remove Tether as an option. This way it can slowly be squeezed out of the market without some massive, scary press release that creates a bunch of FUD….or worse a Tether explosion that could cripple the market for a long time. I think everyone in the community should start messaging the exchanges to remove it for our own long-term viability and trust that Bitcoin can carry on as a real and stable store of value. If we believe in Bitcoin we should work together to remove Tether before it blows up on all of us.

  6. I appreciated the time you invested in this vid Lark…..wondering how you are approaching the coming days re getting back into fiat from btc and alts or just hodl etc

  7. I see the reason for certain exchanges to get involved as the same reason for banks to get involved in fractional reserve banking. as you said- greed

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