Two Undervalued Cryptocurrency Like Steemit – Investfeed and Incent

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In this video I bring to you two undervalued yet interesting cryptocurrencies. With the rcent surge of Steemit, we are bringing to you Investfeed and Incent.

Two Undervalued Cryptocurrency Like Steemit – Investfeed and Incent


  1. Yes, please do a video about Stellar Lumens (XLM)!!! That would be great! Love your Channel! Greetings from Germany 😀

  2. I´m in XLM already and I´m in XRP since it was at 0,24Cent and I´m still holding… XRB looks great, but when I recognized it, XRB was already at 23€! Too late for me…

  3. If you love Preseach,
    BitClave JUST came out to the market today 😮

    BitClave plans to be a decentralized search engine 👍

  4. Haha agreed, don’t even know where to store all this coins, u can’t send 100 dollars worth of coins to a wallet if they take 5-10 procent

  5. I prepared a 2018 investment plan and I already have 17 coins to invest in/HODL, and more are being launched. It’s crazy.

  6. Torben Stärk that’s great. Even at 23 though, still a good buy. It’ll be 100$ in no time at all

  7. YPU SEE PUBLICA I BPUGHT IT AT $1 NOW ITS ALMOST $3!! THANKS FOR THE TIP I MADE 200% PLUS!! dropped $5k on it now I’m up $11k!!

  8. D Based its all good. youre right, Jeff is a crypto expert. Hes been in this game since September, after all.

  9. Anyone with simple math skills can figure out that there’s no way in hell Jeff with his viewer base has enough to pump n dump these coins.. Anyways, keep doing you. Whatever makes u sleep at night.

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