Two-factor authentication (2FA) for Cryptocurrency – Lost Phone

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Two-factor authentication (2FA) for Cryptocurrency – Lost Phone


  1. Thank you very much for the information. Give us feed back about the exchanges’ responses to the issue

  2. You can always screen shoot the initial QR code or that secret key and encrypt it with AES-256 bit encryption with a large passphrases and include some numbers and special characters at the beginnings or and the end, then email this to yourself.
    eg basic example passphrases *ILoveBelgiumBiscuits!#(another hard to guess password from a forum)-_o

    If you have trouble remembering that passphrases to decrypt your QR code or secret key stored on your email, you could send yourself another email in code to help unlock it in your mind for a later date.

    eg. I’m a star cause I love those biscuits! later on twitter will give my (Forum name) a wink for helping me out with this.
    (and mix it up with other things sentences just remembering it’s the 5th down or one that starts with talking about a star)
    Thats a very basic example and can be made much stronger using things only you would know, but it is good to sometimes have backups and think a head of time.

  3. Ledger Nano, Paper wallet, Backcell phone + 12 word phrases stored safely in a hidden safe in your own house. 😀

  4. I always take a picture of the bar code and send it to my email. You can re-scan it once you get a new device.

  5. Jeff, I did the same thing and upgraded my phone. I sent an email to the exchanges but theres nothing else at this point that I can do right?

  6. BulletproofMaster1 the issue for 99% of the people on here is you can’t access the Binance unless you have it, until they get to you it’s basically a SOL type situation if you don’t have that key, my backpack was stolen that had my MacBook Pro and iPhone in it so I lost everything in one swoop now I’ve sent my 4th request ticket to binance and all they do is send me a link to send another ticket to them only to get another link repeating the exact same process.

  7. Hey man i did upgrade my phone lost all my data 2fa cant log in to binance did u get help how long did u wait to support help thanks

  8. For resetting 2FA in Binance, it asks for the last withdrawal address. How can I get that when I can’t login to my other Exchange’s account ?

  9. Thanks for the info Jeff, I did save it, I just didn’t remember I had saved under the phrase: secret key!!!

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  12. Hello thanks for info.
    My phone crashed. But I thought I was ok because I backup all the stuff. However I am still having problems and it does not seem to work.
    Is there any good tutorials out there and who did you call what number?

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