Two Altcoin Buys I Made – Plus Consensus 2018 Crypto Currency Update

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Here are some of Jeff from Altcoin Buzz new Altcoin picks which include Bitcoin Private and Shift Coin. Also in the video we highlight Consensus 2018 in New York and the crypto currency conference.


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Two Altcoin Buys I Made – Plus Consensus 2018 Crypto Currency Update


  1. What really? you didnt know that the protest was meant to be a joke.

  2. JEFF preferred the old format where we could see the screen of the items you are talking about and not just your face. Its easier to relate to when you are talking about the subject/coin

  3. That was obviously a joke, it was actually pretty funny. And its also funny that you didn’t realise it was a joke…

  4. We should do a altcoin buzz party soon. Next year yat party, 2020 lambo party lol

  5. You bought BTCP? Dude, dump your forks. These are causing so much polarization and disruption in the cryptospace. The creator blatantly came out saying it was a cash grab and has since moved on to create Bitcoin Prime. They do this so that they can take a small project and have it hype up like crazy. ZCL was a couple dollars when they bought it and then were able to sell it close to $200. The same thing is happening to Primecoin. Don’t feed into this bs man. Disappointing buy, Jeff.

  6. I dont want this to blow up yet!!!! Give me a few more months of cost averaging … poor and can only dump little bits at a time in my holdings. Give me a year crypto gods, then you can moon some stuff!!!

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