Trump’s BIGGEST Investments! Ethereum Scalability Issues, Komodo, 0x and Bitcoin Update

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Fortune recently shared an article with Donald Trump's biggest investments! There's no end to the grilling of Facebook's Libra, now U.S Senators share their dislike for the crypto. It is however not all cryptocurrencies that are unpopular within the white walls, House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy likes Bitcoin. Mattie will also give you the latest news from Ethereum, Komodo, and 0x.
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Here Are #DonaldTrumpInvestments Biggest Stock Market Investments

McAfee on #Bitcoin

UPDATE 3-U.S. senators grill Facebook on its plans for Libra cryptocurrency

House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy: “I like bitcoin”

House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy: “I like bitcoin”

#Altcoins Update

Technical updates from the 0x Core Team!

Komodo Has a new logo and their new messaging are live. The Komodo blockchain and all Smart Chains have been successfully updated at block 1444000.

How Do You Solve the Scalability Issue? Buterin Has An Answer

How Do You Solve the Scalability Issue? Buterin Has An Answer

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Trump's BIGGEST Investments! Ethereum Scalability Issues, Komodo, 0x and Bitcoin Update


  1. It’s equivalent to the China ban 2017 thought what they said was bad for FB not for BTC

  2. Criticizing a potential scaling solution to Ethereum by using BCH as a data layer with words like Bcash and ‘watch both coins collapse together’ is highly suspicious. This is rhetoric and not analysis they just exposed themselves as fakes.

  3. Trump buffet etc not liking Bitcoin are actually referring to BTC which just stole the name Bitcoin mate.

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  8. Not sure where this article about Trump’s stock portfolio is coming from. Trump sold his stock portfolio when he became president. Trump Enterprises may own stock, but his kids are running that show.

  9. There is a theory that Łitecoin has been leading the market both up and down over the last few months. 🐬

    It will be interesting to see if this continues now that the Łitecoin August mining reward halving is closing in and the Miami Dolphins partnership 🏈 news has just been officially released to its fans.

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  11. 30 to 40% Pullback from recent high is long overdue and not related to loud mouth Twitter man.

  12. I like your videos. But very often people write comments to your postings, which I consider to be scam! This is tiring!

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